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Christmas with my godchild.


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That is a lovely looking suit sir ^^
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Very nice @ tom miler. Rich colors and pattern on pattern
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Hi guys,

I've posted a thread where there will be lots of pictures from the upcoming Pitti Uomo 89. Please feel free to subscribe to it. There are a few pictures in there already, so... feel free to participate in the heated discussion that will inevitably arise on the pros and cons of this biannual peacock bonanza.
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I took off the tie.

PRL, Tailors Keep, WW Chan
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@Braddock , that Omega De Ville is perfection.

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Back to work for two days between Chritmas and New year's eve :




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Looking smooth as usual @Braddock
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Seasonal coldness has returned to NYC, for a brief visit, and I've bundled up as below:

Suit - New & Lingwood
Shirt - BB
Tie - Hermes
Cufflinks - Deakin & Francis, via DeNatale, NYC
Vintage watch chain
Shoes - Harris, via Barney's NYC
Overcoat - BB
Scarf - Fortnum & Mason
Hat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center, NYC

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Also, this weekend, I picked up my new tuxedo from Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole. Like all children at Christmastime, I was itching to play with my newest toy, hence last night, I did the sartorial equivalent of a "virtual staging" of a New York apartment - threw together some relatively likely accessories, and took photos. Note that I tried waistcoat, cummerbund, or neither (the James Bond method), wanting to see which worked best.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Orian, Santarelli bespoke, Drakes.
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Originally Posted by Cesare1970 View Post

Orian, Santarelli bespoke, Drakes.


This is not a standard SF look but I like it a lot. The three pictured elements (well, actually four if you include the buttons) play off each other exceptionally well - saturated deep monochrome blue of the shirt, rich texture of the jacket and splash of shiny colour in the square.


This fit carries a high degree of difficulty and you've executed it with panache. What about the rest of it - trousers and shoes? I would have plumped for white denims and rich brown derbies or double-monks, but who knows, maybe those choices would have ruined it.

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Weather finally cooled off.   Herringbone jacket, charcoal turtleneck, Donegal tweed trousers.








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Thanks: today I have combined it with denim blue chinos and dark brown suede loafers.
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