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It's good to see that Bond, James Bond is back in suits that fit.

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Fair assessment I'll keep those in mind, thanks! My belt is brown it is slightly darker than my boots so I do want a lighter one.

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Despite appearances, this jacket is not at all tight in the chest or waist. DBs just may not be my thing...

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@sugarbutch while pictures at a greater distance would better highlight the fit (in my opinion), I think you look quite good in that DB. 


I'm not tremendously keen on the lapels, but that's hardly a fit issue.

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Lo! Rejoice!






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Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

@Mr. Six  is in that Steph Curry zone lately.



I have the sartorial equivalent of limitless range and no conscience, it's true.

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Originally Posted by Darkside View Post

Victor, how do you still have abs and visible skeletal muscle separations and tendon insertions at 18 to 20%? Also, I highly doubt that the average BF% is between 10-12% for males in that wide of an age range that are not athletes by profession. I'm sure Coxie can weigh in on this more accurately, but if you are going to call someone skinny fat, the medical "facts" you provide them shouldn't be misleading.


Originally Posted by VictorSFreturn View Post

my normal weight is 76 to 80 kg. At this weight I have 10-12% body fat. This fact is recorded in different ways measurement. On the photo I posted above, my weight is about 86-kg. It is easy to calculate what percentage of fat there.

The abdominal muscles are visible due to their size and elaboration. and also due to the vertical lighting that makes the relief stronger. With a body weight of 76-kg I look quite different.

And the fact about 10-12% percent body fat is normal for men - true.
just a modern consumer society is very focused on the immense gluttony, sedentary lifestyle and laziness.
And right guidelines health really changed.
it's a business. Sad but true.

I like this. And often fattening up to 100kg(love to eat), and then painfully forced to lose weight. - I'm lazy and the consumer. biggrin.gif



Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

Yea, it really does vary by age... In my athletic basketball playing years I was at 8% or so... Now in my later 30 years Im probably somewhere around 13-15%. I think that probably for your average 30-50 year old you are probably looking at somewhere between 18-26%. I could be wrong though..


OK, I have been asked to weigh in [:rimshot:] so I will.


Firstly one needs to define the word "normal". Usually this is taken to mean "average" - which could be measured as the mean, the median or the mode. One can also specify standard deviation, which is a measure of the spread around that average. This is an exercise is statistics - gathering and interpreting data about the body fat of individuals in a sample population.


However I suspect that Victor may have been using the word to mean something more like "ideal". This is a much more nebulous concept which may draw partly from health considerations, and partly from aesthetics. The former (health) is arguable - there are many different opinions as to what is an "ideally healthy" body fat percentage, all of which can be supported by argument. The latter (aesthetics) is highly subjective and changes with cultural perspective and time.


Victor's own body shot (and I lulz'ed at his courage in posting that shot - certainly added some zest to this forum!) shows that he has a very well-developed musculature, no doubt from some serious weights work in the gym over several years. I share others' scepticism that he carried 18% body fat for that photo. Here's a well-known pictorial chart of male body fat percentages:


I would definitely rate Victor's body fat as around 15% in that photo. 16% tops. It would be interesting to know which method he employs to measure his body fat. (More on this below.)


From the health perspective, "ideal" body fat levels vary with age. This reflects that fact that muscle mass can be expected to decline naturally from the age of about 30 onwards. We can't all put aside the time to work out obsessively in order to counter this natural age-related decline, although there are very strong arguments in favour of doing so.


Here's one chart showing how "ideal" body fat percentage can be expected to vary with age:


I'm guessing that Victor is around late 30s, maybe early 40s. According to the above chart, his "ideal" body fat should therefore be around 13-19%, not 12% as he states. I myself am 55 years old and therefore my "ideal" should be around 19-24%.


There are many ways body fat can be measured, including some very tedious methodologies involving skin pinch tests, calipers, and enormous complex charts bulging with numbers. Fuck that. I measure my body fat using Tanita scales, which measure body impedance via a small electric current passed through from left foot to right foot via the body, and then use a data bank to calculate a result based on previously-inputted data of one's gender and height (and on some models, age).


I have in fact two sets of these scales, one in Melbourne (which is now nearly 20 years old) and another in Sydney, purchased this year. The former generally yields results around 16-18% and the latter shows me at more like 17-19%. There is significant diurnal variation: I generally weigh a couple of kilos more in the evening - presumably due to a higher water content in my body - and hence the body fat percentage is lower, often by up to 2% lower than that same morning.


So I'm actually at the lower end of "ideal", verging on "lean", if the above chart is to be believed. Should it be believed? There is a lot of conflicting evidence about this, but some recent research has shown that extremely lean people tend to be longer-lived. Certainly we know that overweight and obese people have dramatically shorter average life spans and higher incidences of chronic ill-health.


Aesthetic considerations add another layer of obfuscation. Personally I think Victor looks terrific in that photo, and if I looked like that, I'd be happy. I don't look like that. In fact I still have a small pot belly which I'd like to get rid of. My personal goal is to get my body fat down to about 14-16%, which puts me firmly in "lean" territory on the above chart, but would give me a flat tummy and maybe just a tiny hint of rectus abdominis definition, arguably without compromising my health.


As to Victor's main message - which is that sometimes it's better to reshape your body rather than trying to laboriously re-tailor all your ill-fitting clothes... well, he's not the first to state that opinion on this forum. In fact it comes up regularly, and usually provokes a vigorous exchange of views.


Of course in many ways he's absolutely right. But it's just a fact of life that some people are not in a position to do this. They have busy jobs, families to raise, a household budget to adhere to... any number of pressing reasons not to hit the gym five times per week. So while it's fine to offer such advice in good spirit, it's probably not advice which should be pressed too hard on any one individual. In fact, that could be verging on rude. @Koala-T responded very well - basically by not engaging. Well played.

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I still fondly remember one of Cox's first posts being a good natured suggestion that Butler get Botox. Out of bounds, but given that Cox is a well regarded plastic surgeon, was also well meaning
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^ Haha, yes, well I guess every internet forum has its own rules and boundaries. I overstepped them that time.


Actually I don't think Victor overstepped the boundaries on this occasion, but he was certainly balanced directly above them.

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Originally Posted by ericgereghty View Post

 while pictures at a greater distance would better highlight the fit (in my opinion), I think you look quite good in that DB. 

I'm not tremendously keen on the lapels, but that's hardly a fit issue.

Nice of you to say, but the big issue is that I'm short, and being cut in half at crotch level just doesn't do me any favors. I think this jacket is probably as much as an inch too long, but even considering that, I may need to accept reality.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




okay,  bit random, but SVB have u ever thought about doing something about your body fat  i.e. getting more of it?

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Originally Posted by Chulillo View Post

In my country something that puzzles me is how fat younger people are getting... I don't know if they are just lazy or they eat like there is no tomorrow... when I was a teenager of course there were heavier people, but normal-heavy... now I truly see obese kids which is worrying...

What country exactly? My goodness. When I was in law school (UCLA) my buddy and I would joke as we drove for our weekly game to the "undergrad side" where the tennis courts were. Cute college girls you'd think. If you're into fat chicks in yoga pants, and even fatter chicks in jogging shorts with their asses hanging out.

And although some may consider @VictorSFreturn post as having gone too far… it's also not productive to keep providing tailoring recommendations that ultimately result in a "lipstick on a pig" situation that would best just be avoided. As Stitchy had commented earlier, one can't always asses the true quality of the fit by pix alone and thus the real decision must be made by the individual ... attempting to reach a reasonably objective conclusion based on the information he has collected. Regardless, as he said, it's up to you.

Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

okay,  bit random, but SVB have u ever thought about doing something about your body fat  i.e. getting more of it?

One guy's too fat… the other not fat enough! happy.gif

Post edited for the squeamish, apologies.
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One can only wonder what sort of comments William Howard Taft would get if he was still alive and posting pictures.......

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