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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

man, I really want a counter-depth fridge

I haz it, the counter depth. I don't understand why it isn't the standard.
Originally Posted by Stefan88 View Post

Vintage Burberry Prosum trenchcoat bought in b&s.

Perv Forum
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Originally Posted by mossrockss View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

That jacket fing02[1].gif
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Forgot to x-post from the FC

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^ Love all of this.
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Originally Posted by mcobinad View Post

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I really appreciate your constructive criticism. That said, I need to put out few things. Firstly, I don't conform to a general palatable way of dressing on this forum. Here are my reasons. I love to be a little creative, thereby moving away from the generally acclaimed or conventional dandy way of dressing and adopting a set pattern which I believe tailors my needs. It does not necessarily need to meet the standard of everyone. That of course comes either with a feeling of disdain or approval and I tend to get more of the harsh albeit constructive criticisms (such as yours for example no harm intended though) and I feel that should not be the case for other subsequent posts, considering that I have deployed every energy within measure to ameliorate the style of fit. It has also become a vicious circle thing to lampoon every of my post on here with certain inflammatory commentaries often time than not, referring to my physical built as an element letting the entire of my outfit down. I would not negate that this has dissuaded me from posting on here. Secondly, another element I would like to emphasise on is the fact that since I became a member of this forum, I have either received one criticism from one member or the other as a result of the fit of my clothes even when it is visibly clear to the blind that the fit is passable, albeit, I still have dedicated members on here who encourage my effort. Also, I have gone bespoke on certain suits ever since I started getting eye watering criticisms but no one has cared to notice as opposed to my precedent posts as the often too repeated message reads the same.

In life some times, we all feel the inclination to conform to certain maxims even if we don't necessarily agree with them, as such, have gone out of my way to either size up or downsize my garments if the need arises of course, just to mellow the critics on here. Unfortunately, that has not made any difference whatsoever. In fact, the critics have intensified, moving upward trend from bad to worse and my body structure always being the subject of the critics. One member on here (who I choose to keep anonymous) went as far as using a derogatory statement by saying that I should either decide to be a rugby player or stick to wearing suits. Though, I did not reply to that post, but I considered that somewhat offensive. At some point, I said enough and moved on with my fashion idiosyncrasy. I would also like to point to the fact that I have seen analogous fits as mine or even far worse off fits on here that get brazenly obvious thumbs, just because such individual tend to have followers that support them no matter what.

I don't feel the need to put anyone's outfit down as I have this innate impartiality to encourage people to bring out the best in them and not lampoon them with criticisms. I believe, though subjective, that some on here deliberately criticise others on here to grace their conscience. That said, your message sir, is coherent and I choose to as a rule of exception grace your word of advice with deep consideration. Thank you for your time and effort in conveying this crystal message which would in future yield far more positive results. As for the eyewear, thanks immensely for the support. smile.gif

Do you mind me asking if the coat in that fit is bespoke or not? Certainly I have no interest in, nor is it cricket to comment on peoples height, physiques or any of that but regardless of what style of dress you intend to emulate away from "SF approved), that coat is far too tight in the shoulders, and it's certainly not what I'd call passable, especially if it's bespoke. have missed a few fits of yours of course but from all of your fits posted I can remember, the shoulders have all had a similar sort of tightness. My critique was blunt, which I do apologise for (was on my phone) but in saying that I see it got 7 thumbs, so I'm obviously not alone in thinking it. I hope you take my critique on fit alone in the good faith it was done in and use it to see what you can improve on in future commissions. And don't be afraid to keep dressing individually smile.gif
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Didn't he just say he didn't want people to do that?

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Thanks again to everyone who takes the time and trouble to post pictures of themselves and also to everyone who likes my pictures.

Tonight was my elementary school Class Of '61 Garden Party (in a former classmate's back garden), one of the preliminary events before my high school Class Of '65 Reunion Dinner Party tomorrow night.

Standing in a corner of my former classmate's back veranda, wearing a Middishade Madras jacket, Brooks Brothers blue PPBD shirt and white cotton trousers, blue Squarextraordinaire pocket square, Ben Silver bow tie, Leather Man tan and blue surcingle belt, and Bass white bucs (our elementary school colors are purple and white, so all decorations were purple and white)......

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The recent chambray shirts with tie combos are way beyond my ken. I would not feel comfortable wearing a tie with a chambray shirt so obviously casual. Reminds me of J Crew, among other things. @fieldofdreams , your pants waist seems really low in the pic, is that an optical illusion?

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Originally Posted by sprout2 View Post

The recent chambray shirts with tie combos are way beyond my ken. I would not feel comfortable wearing a tie with a chambray shirt so obviously casual. Reminds me of J Crew, among other things. @fieldofdreams
, your pants waist seems really low in the pic, is that an optical illusion?

Apparently you're not aware of this: http://www.styleforum.net/t/504462/friday-challenge-july-24th-denim
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Originally Posted by fieldofdreams View Post


This could be perfect, but the leg opening needs to be a little wider, as you have large feet. The colour of the PS is a bit off, I think, but not sure what I'd replace it with (I'm sure lots of colours would work). That tie knot is a sin (and the tie blade could reach a bit lower). Not sure if the sleeves are too long (jacket and shirt), or if it's just the pose. Those things aside, I think this is ace! :) (Reminds me of SpooPoker.)

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I would like to introduce my nearly born daughter under the name Chloé to the forum. She is two months of age and I 'm very delighted to have the first girl in the family seeing that I come from a family where my mother bore only males (4) in total. Thought I should present her as a baby member and hopefully in the years to come, may bring diversity to a forum highly inundated with male presence.

To the administrators of this great forum, I think it worthwhile that a section of this forum dedicated to children and parents would have a positive impact on the overall perceived image of this forum in the years to come. I have been a member since 2011 and one thing lacking here is diversity as in extension to mothers and their children. This can be an open debate between those who want because they have a family of their own against the wishes of those who don't because they don't have a family. At the end of the day, let common sense prevail. I believe this can be subject to open referendum if there is a cross feeling of whether or not to got for it. Maybe, a particular clause of the charter of this forum stipulates a different ulterior motive. I feel odd having to put up pictures of myself and family on here as there is no relevant section dedicated to children to work in harness with this forum which I believe has all it takes to get to the apogee of its viable potential.

My boys Brandon and Cameron (6 years old) are heavily involved in quintessential dressing and soon my daughter will be joining the convoy. They would like to bring to the table their active participation and so doing will solicit interest across the spectrum of admirers both on here and those yet to join. This will pave the way for others to bring along new constructive ideas for the long time longevity of this forum. I am not making a mandate, just food for thought as a suggestion does not harm but opens up an avenue to new thinking in a world constantly evolving.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not advertising any brand. This is for those who may infer that the outfits displayed on here make such a loud statement as I believe that a conspicuous display of ostentatious brands is frowned upon here. No deliberate attempt to perverse SF code of conduct. Thanks smile.gif

DSC_2884_2_zpsl9vksuqw.jpgDSC_2722_zpsd5cspdru.jpg Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Congrats!  Your family is beautiful.

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Your kids' loafers are badass!

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Re: family forum, that sounds like something that should be a sub-forum, and I'm sure many posters would enjoy it. There is an aspect of a "fraternal society" here that is (un)intentional, so many enjoy the "Boyz Club: No Gurlz Allowed" element.


I do think it would be interesting to have a forum for "young adults," but it would be hard as hell to shield them from being trolled by the "adult children" that populate the forum.

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Slowly catching up. This fit from Thursday.






I practice what I preach. Burgundy rules with brown suits.

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