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Scuderi 3r2 suit
MJB shirt
PRL cardigan
Locke cannon suede dm

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Originally Posted by zr3rs View Post

I agree with you in written language, but in spoken language, it is pretty hard to switch to German pronounciation in the middle of an English sentence. And if you use a German word with English pronounciation, it is hard to identify what you actually mean (i.e. what is the written name). I have a similar problem with some French speaking English, but with French pronounciation. I can only understand them by backtranslating their pronounciation into a written word in my mind and then "read" it as an English word. So, Köln pronounced in English would sound somewhat like "cullen", which is nearer to Cologne than to the correct pronounciation.


Köln is only the german name of the city. The Kölsch citizen called their city "Kölle", "Colonia" and sometimes also "Cologne"

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After a nice three day weekend it's back to business. A little chilly outside today, so I went for a three piece. 


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Linen trousers for the hottest day of the week



See details (Click to show)





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Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

You win. Carmina rain last?


Haha thanks! Meermin park last.



Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

^^ Fit and textures are great, but I feel like the brown in the trousers, tie, and (brown-ish effect of the) square are too close. It might be the photo or my screen, and in real life they're distinct and complementary.


Originally Posted by AJL View Post

In the first pic, tie and pants look sufficiently differentiated to my eye. And the close up appears to show a fair amount of red in the square, so I have no problem there. Love it.


Thanks gents. I'm probably walking a fairly fine line with this one and for some reason I decided to be fairly subtle with the palette this morning.


Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post


Consistently one of the best posters here.


Thank you Mr Cox. You are far too kind.

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Haven't posted in ages. How's everybody?


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Another warm spring day in NYC.

Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole
Shirt - BB MTM
Tie - BB
Cufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of Art
Braces - Paul Staurt
Shoes - Finsbury, Paris

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



An English gentleman showing how Italian CBD is done! :nodding:

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No self-respecting Italian industrialist would wear a Rolex.











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In support newly-English style Cleav:


Earlier English style :)


"4 different cells"








briefcase/bag – Pollini
umbrella – Mario Talarico
headwear – Stetson
tie – AD56
pocket squares – Roda
suspenders – Albert Thurston
cufflinks – Monblanc
shoes – Cheaney
socks – Pantherella
jacket – Bespoke
trousers/pants – Bespoke
shirt – Bespoke
perfume – Serge Lutens “Fumerie Turque”

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Again, let me remind you:



Please Do Not Put on my photo "Thumbs-Up"

This is my principled position. Thank you for understanding!
p.s. For my text post - this request not apply :D 

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Nice tie Murl, Nice tie.
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