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Maybe it was lower during their warehouse sale last month:

Just found that while Googling, they didn't send me an email about that one though. Seems like it happens late May every year. Amazing chests, and I'm really glad I got mine when I did!
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This is good info.


I had the 12 Repair Gerstner but ended up selling it for more than I bought it for on sale (prices did recently go way up on them). Then, I lucked out and found the G-515 for a really good price so I bought that. It's smaller and therefore more easy to carry around, although it can't store all my shoe care liquids / suede protector aerosols, it does hold most everything I need in a more compact size. Also, the G-515 is made in China versus the USA but I'm happy with the G-515 for the price paid.





Originally Posted by John B View Post

The GI-515 vs. the 12 Repair Kit


My initial reaction is this:

The 12 Repair kit is overkill.

The wood is a bit nicer, but it's a shoe shine kit, not a jewelry case.

Yes, it's bigger too, BUT it's big and clunky.

It's like the difference between a suitcase and a carry-on.

The 515 also has a warmer, friendlier feel.


If you want something you can grab easily to shine your shoes while watching TV, the 515 is perfect.

If you want something to hold all the equipment you need to strip the finish off of your shoes and restore them, the 12 is your guy.


My advice:

If you want a nice, convenient shoe shine kit, get the 515 and keep the bottles of suede cleaner, waterproofer, and Renomat under the sink until you need them.




Side-by-side, they look close to the same size.

12 Repair in golden oak on the left, GI-515 on the right.

The fixtures are pretty similar, although the 12 has 3 latches instead of one.


But from the top you can see the difference a little.



Sliding trays removed.



Drawers all the way out.

Note how much deeper the one on the 515 is. To me, that adds configurability with packing things in there.




Top view of the 515 with a few things in it.

Yup, that's 10 cans of kiwi on the bottom with plenty of room still.

Four Three jars of Saphir fit in the top per row. And yes, the brushes are big, so I'm ditching the sliding tray.




This is the 515 again.

I shot this from a different angle so you can see how deep the drawer is and that there's still plenty of room.



This is the 12 Repair kit with the same contents. There's so much empty space you can almost hear the echo.


I wish I could return the 12, get a second 515, and save $100.

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PSA: Gerstner seconds sale is happening:

As noted earlier, prices have gone way up, and model names have changed too.
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Sorry to bump this old thread but I thought I should share this info. I messaged gerstner on FB and asked if they had ever considered making a shoe shine kit. Here is a copy of our correspondence: 


Me: "Have you guys ever considered making a shoe shine box? There are a few guys who have bought some of you smaller chests to make their own as you can see here:…/what-is-your-shoe-shine-kit-like but I think a purpose build box would be excellent."


Gerstner:  "We've made versions in the past - but only on a semi custom basis and well before the internet was even 'invented'. We would love customer input - share with others and reach out to us with suggestions!"


Me: "You should have a look at the threads in styleforum on the subject. Several people have used your boxes for shoe shine kits and a lot of them comment on what they would like to see changed. I'll cross post your response to let the community know you are open to the idea."


Gerstner: "Sounds good - over the past 110 years we have always enjoyed customer input!"


Is this something the rest of you would be interested in?

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Originally Posted by Aerostat View Post



Is this something the rest of you would be interested in?


Depends if they're going to call them "custom" and price them accordingly.

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TBH, the main change I'd like to see is the price. I can't remember what I paid for my box, but it was somewhere around $300. They're apparently now $900, or on sale twice a year at their factory seconds warehouse for $500 or so. That's a lot to pay for a shoe shine box.

Years ago, when I originally found them through nutcracker, I asked if they could make a case of my own design. I was quoted something like $1,000-1,200 for the job, which I thought was too much for this sort of thing. My original idea, however, was to have two pull out tiers or drawers, so that you could more easily access shoe polish containers. As is, I stack all my shoe polishes in the back of the 12 Repair Kit, which makes getting stuff at the bottom a bit more difficult. It would be nice to see a case designed around the sort of things you'd actually put into this kit, but again, I don't think I'd pay $900 for one.
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Originally Posted by brax View Post

I, too, could not resist the temptation. Mine is in cherry.

photo 420C6540_zps82be2789.jpg

photo 96A88272_zpsb98f1c16.jpg

photo 8CED8AC4_zps2161cf0e.jpg

photo B6A7C17E_zps0e212f34.jpg

A bit of information for those considering a Gerstner. As you can see from my above post, I purchased a 12 Repair case a couple of years ago. The size was perfect and the looks were great. My problem was with the workmanship. The center latch has popped off the case. I seems that the screws of the center latch are pretty short and once they pass the latch and start going into the wood, there is not much length left to them. The screw barely penetrates the wood. Thus, when the latch is stressed even a little bit the screws pull on the wood and the latch begins to loosen and eventually fall right off. Unfortunately, the case is out of warranty. I'm probably going to take it somewhere local and have them use a much longer screw that will completely (or at least mostly) penetrate the wood.
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@dieworkwear They asked for feedback so I quoted you on my last post on their FB. I'm slowly trying to temp them over to SF, let's see if they respond. 

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