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Poll Results: Who has the best list of dress watches under $5K

Poll expired: Jun 13, 2014  
  • 26% (12)
  • 39% (18)
  • 19% (9)
  • 15% (7)
    Fred G. Unn (top 4 and 1 slightly over, ahem...)
46 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by DLJr View Post

I would put ~B~'s Celadon Imperial on this list if anyone is looking for a great value dress watch. My wife and I each own one.

Thanks Don! I'm just participating here as a civilian smile.gif

I just started doing up my website literally yesterday so it's still in "Under Construction" mode - only 1/3 the pages are done. If anyone needs info, just PM me.

Been insanely busy over the past year launching two watch brands, but I hope to participate more in TWAT now that I'm a little more free after a looong hiatus!
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Originally Posted by DLJr View Post

I asked Ben about the Lambda and Lux. Movement's are probably of that caliber, or close, but the They aren't really consumer models, more for the die hard NOMOS fans (in Germany from what I understand). I don't think they'll ever convince anyone considering a VC or Lange to go that way.

I think for the Welzeit, given the complication and what else is out there in the market, I think the price is more than fair. Though I suppose it is pricey compared to their other models which are all sub $5K I believe. But, to be fair to them, they are installing the new swing system in to their other watches as well, and I don't think they are planning a price change at all, so there is still a lot of value even at the $6100 MSRP in the US.

Yeah absolutely. The movements are nice and the designs are original (but a little of an acquired taste for me), but somehow Nomos has done too good a job of being the go-to under 5k insider wis brand. I think they should have done a few watches around the JLC price and slowly move up (sort of what many of the Richemont brands are doing themselves). To overreach to that price range was a little tricky, but who knows, maybe they do have a hardcore market in Germany.

Agree with you totally on the Weltzeit, it's an original complication and at a good price. It used to sit at the top of Nomos's price range, which was a bit of a deterrent to many buyers from what I hear.

It's a great company nonetheless and I prefer some of their designs to their ALS or GO equivalents.
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That Cartier Tank mimi and DlJr posted is a pretty watch, only thing is the ETA 2892 movement which makes the price a little unconscionable.

Did you guys know that Cartier's watch department accounts for half the brand's revenue, and Cartier in turn accounts for half of Richemont's revenue? So Cartier's watches effectively contribute a quarter of Richemont's total revenue (which was around 10 billion CHF in 2012 before the slowdown if I recall)
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Completely agreed on NOMOS doing something in the $10-12K range. When I heard they were releasing precious metal watches, I was hoping they would fall in that price range.
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Thanks for all the votes, I really appreciate it.
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For my part, I hate you all.


Well done, DL :)

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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

I was also surprised to not see Bell&Ross, but these are not my lists, and I don't know anything about good watches, but they do look nice to my untrained eye.  


If someone had made a list of pretty much anything apparel or accessories, however, that would have been a different story.



Originally Posted by CHRK33 View Post

Frankly, I think Bell and Ross, at least their common aviator instrument models, would not be considered dress watches by many die-hard watch enthusiasts.


Well apparently both myself and LA Guy have much to learn. Well i know that i do, at least! I am quite new to the watch game but would like to learn a lot as i will inherit a nice watch collection from my father when the time comes. 

It seems that i opened a can of worms by asking about Bell and Ross though, i will have to remember that they are not really considered a dress watch.

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Thread Starter 

Congratulation @DLJr on your win.  Please PM me to claim your prize.  I will change your title to TWAT master shortly, and we'll start a new contest.  I think that it's sports watches under $5K next.





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Congrats DLJr! Great thread!
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Congrats DLJr! Back to the drawing board for myself and Mimo...
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Thanks guys, I appreciate it. This was a lot of fun.

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Found this thread while searching and found it very informative. Did the sub-5K sports watch thread ever happen?

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Originally Posted by Darkside View Post

Found this thread while searching and found it very informative. Did the sub-5K sports watch thread ever happen?

I don't think that I ever ran it, but I will.

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@LA Guy 

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