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Has anyone had experience with this luggage?   Here is a  link to a vendor: http://www.cambridgeworld.com/Rimowa_....ley.htm I have seen these cases in a store.  They are very light, but somewhat unusual in having hard sides with a zip fastening.  I wanted to buy some new luggage and would appreciate any feedback on this brand and any other recommended brands. (I have no brand loyalty, and I assure you that I am only looking for advice).
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My personal experience with luggage has been that "you get what you pay for". The price on their luggage would make it a bit on the cheap side. I personally use Filson luggage, which is indestructable, and far less expensive than brands like Tumi. -Tom
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Apparently Hemingway used to patronize them. They are a German brand I believe. Another line of aluminum luggage is Zero Halliburton which is better known.
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Thanks.  The luggage pictured is certainly cheaper than some of the better promoted brands, but I would not regard it as a "cheap" brand.  The range that I am interested in is made of a polycarbonate material that is very light - lighter than many ballistic nylon products.  What I am unsure about is the durability.  Any additional feedback would be appreciated.
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I've used the Rimowa Topas series aluminum luggage for several years now and am generally happy with it. The only problem I have faced is with the plastic corners that are prone to breaking/cracking. Rimowa is best known for its aluminum luggage and I would not recommend their non-aluminum luggage although I do not have any first hand experience with it. I have heard better reviews of the Zero luggage and am very likley going to move to the Zeroller series in the future.
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I recommend Land's End Lighthouse. It is the soft nylon type, extremely well constructed, very cheap, and I think the whole "indestructable" hard luggage concept is fighting up a hill. Better to cushion breakable things amongst soft clothes. Granted, I am not a frequent traveller, but in the journeys I have taken, the Land's End has served me extremely well (including the structured roll-about that I bought for my wife).
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While its glamour quotient is low, I've been more than happy with my Samsonite bag.  It's set up with just the right assortment of compartments.  My favorite feature is a zippered compartment for stacking shirts.  The shirts come out just as they're put in, unwrinkled.  There's also an attachment for folding a suit coat into the bag.  I specifically chose the blue nylon so that I could distinguish it from the innumerable black bags circling airline baggage carousels.  Unlike Vuitton, Samsonite certainly does not attract the attention of thieves.  It's not going to turn any heads, but perhaps the money saved on luggage could be used to fill the bag with something you might enjoy even more than a showy bag.  Samsonite Bag Example
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Thank you for all of your comments, which are appreciated.
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