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Ludwig reiter shoes - opinions?

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Hi, What do you guys think of Ludwig Reiter shoes? They appear to be good quality welted shoes with some interesting styles, the ones with the high toe box remind me of Vass shoes. Regards, JiaXian
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Although I personally have no first hand experience with Ludwig Reiter shoes, they are very highly regarded in Germany and Austria (but are not well represented outside of these countries.) Maybe forum member JoeG, who owns a pair of LR "Gustav Mahler" shoes (furthest on the right), can give you his opinion on quality and comfort. The high-walled, square toe box last is very popular in the former Austro/Hungarian Empire and southern Germany. I've heard two stories about the origins of that particular style (not necessarily exclusive of each other). One, that county folks stuffed their shoes with hay, as an added level of insulation on cold winter days. The other, that the high toe box, prevented your foot from getting wedged inside the shoe, while you were walking down the mountains.
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Andrew would be the best one to chime in on this, however, I understand the high wall to be a function of the last maker in accommodating the 'reverse-welt' construction favored on these shoes. I'm not sure of the specific details on this, but there seems to be some connection between the construction requirements and the form of the last; also there is some destinction between the 'reverse-welt' welting Vass favors and the 'split reverse'welt' A/E and Alden make.
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Simply outstanding. They are as comfortable as any shoes I've ever worn, and constructed at least as well as ready-to-wear Lobbs. At least as well. from at least as high quality materials. Since I bought the Mahlers bengal-stripe mentioned several years ago, I have added a couple more pair of Ludwig Reiters to my collection. Now it seems that all of my professional shoes are either LR or Alden.... Peace.
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2004. Damn... Is there any online-shop with a wide selection of Ludwig Reiter footwear; especially oxfords ? It seems like they're like gold dust on the internet...
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They pop up on German Ebay from time to time.

Personally I think they are vastly overpriced for what they are. Furthermore they need some time to break in... much time. They are very, very stiff at the beginning and I am not entirely sure, if this changes over time.

Just my to cents. That said they are quite sturdy and will last very long.
At least the uppers. In my experience the soles may not be as resistant as you would expect: My brother walked through a sole in a rather short period of time and a shop owner who sells both Ludwig Reiter and Allen Edmonds told me, in her experience the AE soles were much better than the LR soles.
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