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How To Tie Your Shoes


You’d imagine something as simple as tying your shoes would be without controversy – it’s literally a skill you learn in preschool – but alas, this is StyleForum, and nothing is immune from debate. Thus, we have this thread: an examination of the proper way (if there is such a thing) to tie your shoes so you have a neat, symmetrical knot and not a vertical mess. No Mantons allowed. 




Someone who is especially interested in wine is called an oenophile – a term that probably never is used in casual conversation – and we can view StyleForum’s wine thread as a haven for oenophilia. The usual StyleForum milieu aside (taking pictures of extremely expensive wine drunk in crazy settings), this thread is also a wonderful resource for finding budget wines that are appropriate for daily drinking. Lots of great recommendations.


$5,000 Wardrobe


Several years ago (2010 actually) Esquire posted an article about the perfect wardrobe for $5,000. Pretty standard stuff, right? It gave birth to an interesting StyleForum thread that eventually faded into obscurity like so many other threads, but now it’s back, and it’s a chance for us to revisit a conversation that’s actually interesting.