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Hey guys,

i read alot in the threads around here. I thought it is the time to ask you for your opinion.

I am watching a lot of new Labels in Germany when they got created. (for example BEASTIN)

Now in my city and in Instagram there is a rumor about that number "06431011" and "Locals Only"


Minutes ago they posted there Teaser mov with the Description:


"Next Sunday the waiting has an End.

New Website. first Lookbook. An answer to all the questions."

(Translated by me :D their wrote in german)



The Teaser looks awesome in my Opinion!


Do you think it's possible to get a new Brand startet (in Germany?)


Also they wirte about theirself:


"Only by looking back to your city's past, you can trace your roots. The history of our hometown is what inspires us and our designs. Every piece has a purpose and in every detail there is a story to be told. Every city has it's own native flair, marvelous people, unique heritage and long history.

This is ours."


Looks like their come in very Strong with a Big concept and a Great idea.


What are you thinking of these guys? Did you hear about them already?





PS: Hope you can understand my english :D