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Originally Posted by bmulford View Post
Has anyone tried the borrelli denim? I've wondered if their offering is a just an expensive add-on using the brand, or if they are of superior quality.

I haven't tried them but I've examined them in the stores and feel that they're more of an expensive add-on using the brand name rather than being of superior quality.
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Originally Posted by Dedalus View Post
That's easy to say now, but did you loathe those brands 4 years ago?

Actually I did, I was pretty anal about only wearing raw 501's since '98 (then moved up to the 501xx reissues). I did own a pair of rinsed Paper denims; I liked the color and I think they do have good pockets. I liked the exposed rivets also. Half of those jeans weren't around 4 years ago.
I'm really not trying to pull the I-liked-it-before-it-was-popular thing, but I honestly always have hated fake wear on jeans. When I was 19 my dad told me about the whole shrink to fit thing, and that was how everybody did it back in the day - then I was hooked.

In early 06, I bought my first pair of something other than Levis LVC 501's (Nudie slim jims). Since then I've opened up quite a bit, but I still need heavier weight, raw or rinsed only denim.
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for me its gotta be any soft jean. eg. AG jeans (Adriano Goldschmeid) in perticular the "Hero" jean.
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Construction work denim would be Carhartt or Lee dungarees, nothing special, just your 20 to 35 dollar jeans. Now my don't go do a roof or frame jeans are a different story, Nudie AJs and RAs, Lee authentics 101b and now I'm looking at Levi vintage stuff all in dry denim. I'm eyeballing a Levi vintage type 1 jacket too.
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The last jeans I got were Levis 501 (unwashed and I hope to never have to wash them by steaming and spot cleaning them). Costco makes a great Kirkland brand jean. Nevertheless, I find that even though one could get 50 pairs of Kirkland jeans for what it takes to get one pair of Kiton jeans that I've found I must prefer the Kiton ones.
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What's up with the ancient thread bump? Ok, not ancient, but 07... Got a pair of RB11 this week and I am pretty excited to see how they turn out after hemming/tapering. My favourite jean is still the Acne Mic (note my sig, always could use another pair at discount). But from now on I'm going to shop for R&B as well, preferably in a cut similar to the mic. Actually, if anyone has any suggestions as to what R&B cut is similar to the mic, I'd love to hear it. My next pair might be Somet straights though.
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Prps are amazing. Double RL are awesome too. I have two pair of the slim bootcut and they kick ass. I've worn them to death. Also you can usually find them on clearence, so i got mine for like 70 bucks.
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My current favorite pair of jeans is from Diesel. I have a hard time find my size in jeans so I mainly stick with Diesel, 7 For All Mankind, and Lucky since they all make something that fits me.
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I'm totally satisfied with Uniqlo jeans
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Holyshit...a thread from 2003.

I can't believe LAGUY was recommending Von dutch and joe's, etc.
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Von Dutch had a moment in the sun. I have some pretty good Von Dutch's from just before they really expanded, and they are a solid product. You can ask Get Smart if you don't believe me. There were actually a lot of LA makers, that did a very solid product early on, when $100+ denim was becoming extremely popular, and then sort of lost their way.

You have to remember that when this forum started (back in 2002), the denim scene, and the fashion scene in general, was very different. Seven for all Mankind had just started making men's jeans (well, that may have been 2001, I don't remember exactly), and the APC had just expanded its distribution. Previously, thei jeans and collection were only available through their website or their own brand stores, or at just one retailer in LA (now defunct). I actually only got into dry denim (though I just washed them whenever, and never really worried about ageing) when I moved to LA at the end of 1997.

Brands that seem rather stale now were still pretty new. John Varvatos, for example, was still putting out some exemplary leather goods, his first season having been FW2000.

Anyway, it is mid 2008, and the fashion cycle is coming around full circle. Respected designers like Jean Touitou of A.P.C. are advocation sizing up rather than down, Gregory Rogan's trouser jeans are suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) becoming relevant again, and brands like SPURR are making bootcut jeans, after bootcuts fell out of favor with the fashionable for a few years.

BTW, I was right about Von Dutch becoming the next big thing. Shortly after that post, that brand blew up completely, then self destructed. I also got to True Religion before it became popular and a douchebag brand as well. I never did buy a pair though, so I don't have that trophy to show.
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