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Hi All I must say I am quite oblivious on what comes to fashion, but thanks to this forum reliable opinions, and other blogs I shall not mention along with some forums I am beginning to upgrade my wardrobe and started dressing smarter,something I definetly need.

I want to buy a spring(and summer) jacket, but I am still not ready to walk in a regular blazer in a daily basis.I found a jacket I style that I love and is very affordable. So that you can give me a solid answer I will let you know the basics about me, I am currently taking an Msc in Management: Strategy and Consulting,I am 21, I have the V shape (forn now xD), I am very short, 5'7 and european. 


I and was thinking of buying this:


or this

Do you think they are "updated" and at the same time "classy"? or they are just a trend that will soon go away and not even worth getting? Would you dress them  over a button down shirt? how about a polo? you think this "sariana" (sorry donnot know the english word) came to stay?

Thank you so much!