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Erika, as usual, looks great. In the non-Erika category, the green and aubergine suits caught my attention. Hugo's partner did well with the brown pin (chalk?) stripe, but her odd jacket combo didn't work for me.
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Sonya, yes, I also preferred the chalk stripe (Dalcuore). However, the other outfit was much better IRL (Cifonelli jacket). It's really hard getting decent pictures inside the pavilions though. Btw, Sonya is one of my favourite persons to meet at Pitti. A genuinely super sweet person.
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I will defer to your IRL assessment. smile.gif
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I think the Australian (?) woman who uses BnTailor was there and looked pretty well put together. Not Ms. EFV level, but quite good.

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Giulietta, yes, she was there:

I really like the coat she's wearing here, but would of course have loved to see one of her suits.
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Erica today. Obvious breach of the country-city spectrum:

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Originally Posted by EFV View Post

Erica today. Obvious breach of the country-city spectrum:



I think it can be overlooked this time. In fact, I'm positive of it.

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HBO is airing a doc about Bindle & Keep, suitmakers serving women, transgender, and other non-traditional suit wearers:
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Fitting time for lady 


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^ Was going to post those last night but was on my phone and fuck IG/Tumblr for making it so difficult to share photos to other platforms. The B&W photo to my eye shows a suit coat well cut to a woman's shape. Great job by BnT.
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She gets all that shape cut into the jacket, then leaves it unbuttoned.

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The scourge of low-rise pents is pervasive...
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It bothers me that they're mismatched pieces (I think right? aren't the pants supposed to have a satin stripe?)

and the belt is pretty casual.

I mean I guess it's sort of tongue in cheek since it's a female wearing a tuxedo so it's her version of it, but it seems to me more like she thought oh hey I've got this tuxedo like jacket here, I'm going to a fancy place, let's "put together" a tux, i'm sure nobody will notice. And then grabbed black pants and shoes and a belt and figured it's basically the same as what they guys are wearing right so why not. I suppose it's all for fun, but it feels more like a fashionista's attempt at wearing 'inspired by' menswear without understanding that if you're in a situation that actually requires a tux, then it requires a real tux. Like if you or I went to an event that called for a suit and we grabbed mismatched navy pants and a navy sportscoat and figured eh nobody will notice.
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Bothered me as well.
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