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StyleForum generally focuses on either Europe or the United States, but we have many Canadian users who help keep our site as awesome as it is, and we deserve to sometimes feature threads dedicated to them. Which leads me to this thread: where are the best places to shop at in Montreal? Any choice spots, or particular places to visit when you’re traveling? Apparently Montreal is a great place to visit and shop!


Shoe Care


If you’re spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on shoes, you might as well take care of them to ensure they last for more than a few months. And there’s something especially badass about taking your shoes, unlacing them, and pulling out your finely crafted cedar shoe valet and getting to work. Saphir not necessary, but essential.


Printed Fabrics


This thread has a technological bet, and explores what could be the future of fabric manufacturing: inkjet printed fabrics. Is this what’s next in fabric development, running fabrics through inkjet printings to decorate them with fanciful patterns? It’s less labor intensive, nad frankly quicker, but do you lose something in the process?