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Meermin Shell Group MTO

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Meermin's in-stock shell offering is limited, but I would like to gauge potential interest for a group MTO. At this point, I'm just looking to survey whether it is possible to get members together (including myself) to agree on a particular style / color.

I can also reach out to Pepe to see what's possible at this point, given the lack of information on the site regarding shells. If somebody can post some pictures or provide informative commentary on previous Meermin shell purchases, that would be great as well.

Prefer: Derby

Acceptable: Pretty much everything...

Don't like: any black shells and dark brown (if it's a chukka)
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I would do a derby or chukka in anything that's not black.  For a chukka, I'd like a double sole with Norwegian welt.  For a derby, something with just two or three eyelets, and single sole and flat welt - a bit more dainty, and preferably a lighter colour.


I'm open to suggestions, but count me in so far.

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I'd be interested in a simple five-eyelet derby with a ramshead medallion in something like cognac.
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It's probably easier to categorize it as "prefer, acceptable or don't like" so we can match designs of people choices accordingly.
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If it ends up in a chukka I am interested.

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What do meermin prices look like?

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I believe it's 320 euros plus 35 euros for shipping.

If it's shipped to the US, take around 18% off the 320 euro price to exclude vat taxes. I would say approximately $410 before duties. I paid around $30 bucks for a $500 order last time around. So you're looking at a pair of hand welted MTO shell shoes for under $450.

From my understanding, they don't use Horween leather, which may be the reason why they can price it at this level.
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My proposal was:


Black or dark brown shell


Hiro or Olfe lasts

360 flat welt

Double leather or rubber soles.


Don't think there was much interest without significant deviation, though.

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My only deviation on that is that I'd love a Norwegian (and I wouldn't do the black).  But I'll go with the flow - and even as a group MTO, we might be able to choose different welt/sole options as long as the upper patterns, shell and lasts are the same? Vass certainly don't mind.

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Potentially in for a not-black derby.

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any other shell enthusiasts?
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I'm certainly not ready to commit yet, but I'm curious to see what you guys settle on. Have you thought about some sort of boot - perhaps similar to the wildly popular Carmina jumper boot or Meermin's standard boot model (shown below right, from their instagram)? Could be great with a rubber sole and something in the mid/dark brown range. I'm imagining the Hiro or Rui last.


Of course, I'm not really sold on Meermin shell since I've seen so many weird pictures of it lightening up on the creases, possibly due to the weird way they apply the color (or so it seems).


Anyway, food for thought.


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Will join for any except single monk/black shell ~

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May be interested in a derby in cigar, oxblood or dark brown. Preferably in single leather sole in Hiro or Olfe last.
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Just wanted to gauge the interest for a potential MTO shell PTB. How about something like this? 


Color: Dark Brown, Burgundy, Saddle or whatever they have (except black)

Eyelets: Exposed 4 to 6 eyelets 

Sole: Danite, Half rubber, Single Leather, or Double Leather

Welt: Stormwelt on antique or dark edge 

Linning: Blue, Red, Brown, etc...


We need about six people to waive the MTO fee. Let's see how far this goes. 

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