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When they said you could substitute a suit for a blazer, would most people recognize that you're doing this. The ony way I could tell was just the buttons.
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(Renault78law @ 24 July 2004, 01:51) YOU NEED JEANS...I've come to realize that I live in jeans; absolutely could not live without jeans.
Listen to the man.  Jeans are the one thing I can't do without.  I'd sacrifice shoes before jeans. Also, if you plan on carrying a messenger bag, you might want to switch up which side you hang it (left/right).  Otherwise, it will tear the threads on your jeans if you have it hanging in one place day after day (assuming you wear the same jeans, like I do).
Thanks for the advice everyone. I am going to be looking into what my options are here and try to get the best deals available. This brings up an interesting question as well. What do you all carry while at college? I was thinking just a regular backpack but I have given thought to a messenger bag as well. I was looking at the other thread with all of those awesome bags but obviously a 300 dollar bag isnt going to fit the bill . Would any old thing work? Also, do you carry your laptops in your regular bags or do you get a special bag. I'm not sure what to do, as I will probably be bringing mine to class. I figure if I drop it its done anyway - laptop bag or not.
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I see about a half-and-half split between messenger bags and backpacks. I think you can find certain types of both that have extra compartments for laptops (I know this to be true in backpacks; I think there are some mess. bags in the same fashion). If you do decide a separate laptop bag is the way to go, I would recommend a true backpack. Either way; congrats, good luck, and have fun.
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I think that in college, a backpack is more comfortable -- with 2 or 3 textbooks in the bag at a time a messenger bag can be a bit heavy and cause you to tilt to one side. I had both in college, but found myself using the backpack much more.
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I found in college, and still find, a backpack to be my most versitile form of luggage. I still use a backpack frequently for business travel, especially international. A good backpack is compact, comfortable, and easy to tote. Heavy loads or heavy traffic can make messenger bags a frustrating accessory. (Anyone who's been through the Southern China border probably knows what I mean). I bought a North Face backpack (not the cheapest, but also not $300), in a more subdued color for college (Ice), and still get good use out of it now. I can honestly say that IMHO backpacks, with previously addressed limitations, are extremely comfortable, functional and flexable. I prefer more outdoor or sport geared backpacks, as I personally feel they have an authentic (masculine) style all there own. Sierra Trading post or Campmor are good places to look for discounted ($50-100 bags). EMS sometimes has decent sales. Regarding building a collection: I, too, had a very similar body shape and size to you in college. I also wanted to start a better clothing collection, but was somewhat nervous of outgrowing items, or (due to price limitations) buying mid-grade items at a significant cost, but without the desired quality. I agree with the more moderate advice given by others. I also found that well-made ties were a great way to show your style, and can never be outgrown. And a classical tie can span generations. Although my first suit has long left my closet, some of my favorite (and most complimented) ties are from my pre-college and college days.
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I think I'll bring my thread back up to ask this question.  When Plal was being talked about a while back I was looking at this brand - Loake.  http://www.plal.com/loakes.htm Are these any good?  They certainly LOOK nice, but I'm sure that there is more than meets the eye and pictures can make any brand of shoe look nice.  Also, about how long do these shoes take to get to the states after you put in an order?
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Wow, those look gorgeous. I've never heard of them, but at those prices, they'd better be awesome. -Tom
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Divide by 3.80
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Yeah, what raley said. They run about $160 US average
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If you follow the link provided by raley, the first picture shows a shoe model called the 'Gloucester'...very interesting, IMO.  I haven't seen this style before, is it at all common? **EDIT** I noticed that you said 'Divide by 3.8', Raley.  Most of the prices are in the $400-550 range.  Did you mean that you can get these shoes at around $150? **EDIT #2** I just saw that the 3.8 was the conversion rate. Anyway, does anyone have good experience with this site? I need a pair of black dress shoes for interviews and such, seeing as how I don't really have a pair of conservative lace-ups. I was thinking maybe a cap-toe without the decorative 'punching' of the leather (what is the proper name for that?). A nyway, I wanted to spend maybe $150-200, but hopefully I would get a pair of shoes that originally retailed for twice that. Something of good quality. I like the styles of the Loakes...can anyone comment on the quality. Also, the listed prices on that site...are those standard retail prices, or are those discounted?
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I think that is called "broguing" if I am not mistaken. Run a search - I know a few people have ordered C&J's from them before, and they are cheaper than the other sites that sell english shoes - I have just never seen anyone talk about this specific brand.
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Interesting that I thought of this at the same time http://www.styleforum.net/cgi-bin....;t=4021
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