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In addition to Alden, Trickers and Redwing boots and a ton of premium denim and shirts, S&S also has some pretty cool Ring Jackets from Kapital Japan.

I loved trying this on, but sadly it sold out the very next day. (Ya snooze, ya loose )

Here is one of the S&S owners, Neil, wearing his Ring Chore Jacket reflecting the eclectic and Wabi Sabi approach of Kapital to design. The numerous snaps allows the wearer to button or snap this classic jacket in dozens of unique configurations to make it more of an art piece than workwear.

Kapital Ring jackets are popular world-wide and sell out quickly. Here is S&S owner Jeremy in his black melton wool Ring jacket, perfect for very cold weather. That hood would sure feel good on a windy day.

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Originally Posted by Cacatfish View Post

Will there be any grant last boots? That's one thing I need to figure out for my sizing.


I don't think we're going to have any on hand - we will have the Alden rep here to size people and talk lasts.  

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I just got done tagging in our order of Masterson's shirts.   This batch is sold out on Michael's site, and they're the single best thing I've ever seen from him. I've never seen a better chambray.



(Image credit to MM)








(My own crappy iPhone photos)



Details about this guy, in Michael's own words:


This label is a direct reflection of the work of three very talented individuals. Highly influenced by the work of Noor JontryMasterson,  my affinity for Hayao Miyazaki, and admiration of Nathan Cabrara's translation, his body of work, and the person he is. The rest is far too personal. 


Made from 100 % California 6 OZ.  "oatmeal" cotton Chambray  Grown by Sally Fox in California.  The warp is over-dyed indigo. The weft is a natural oatmeal colored cotton. 

A&E Tex 40-60 Mother Goose

A&E Tex 40-60 Indigo

A&E Tex 60 Sand

A&E Tex 60 Egypt Topaz

Hand Terminated Sashiko Gussetless Gussets

1920's Plain weave Button Placket, Sleeve Placket and Cuff Lining

Super cute hanger loop as usual. 

High stitch count.

Custom made Japanese "triple wave" buttons. Plus formation stitched. 


I am really into the chambray this was cut from - it's pretty spectacular, and the hand on it is like nothing you've ever touched.  The CA cotton has a ton of natural elasticity, so it has the smoothest feel to it.   

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Whoa. Largest size will be what? And when arriving?

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Originally Posted by docdocgs View Post

Whoa. Largest size will be what? And when arriving?

 44 is the largest - which is a little big for someone with a 44" chest.  They're all in the store right now, just waiting for you.

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That Kudu indy has some larger lugs than I've seen before.  Resole or stock lugs?


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Originally Posted by GusW View Post

I sure like your new location. What is better than great denim and shoes next to great pizza and Mexican food? smile.gif

I just stopped by the store today and saw some of their new Alden boots and their suede chukka. Beautiful! The trunk show Saturday should be a lot of fun with cocktails and lots of Alden shoes on display to order.


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Originally Posted by djmatty View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


That's stock!

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We just landed Dawson Denim from the UK.  We're the only stockist in the US for these guys.


For those of you who don't know, Dawson is a two-person workshop (Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden) in Brighton, UK. Everything is hand-cut - meaning, with scissors, one pair at a time, then sewn one at a time.  


The first piece we brought in from them is their regular fit jean in a 14.5 unsanforized cotton/hemp blend (52% / 48%).  I find the fit on these to be one of the best in the shop.  There's plenty of room in the top block without being baggy, thanks to the medium rise, and the leg shape is splendid.  If I had to compare them to other jeans we carry, I'd put them up against the Indigofera Clint, but with a trimmer leg opening.






More photos and info here.

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Also, I finally put the newest Masterson's shirt online, finally finished editing photos today.

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Standard and strange was definitely a favourite store to visit when I was studying at Cal. A must to visit if you're at the bay area!

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We just put our Momotaro stock online, starting with two styles of jeans.  Shirts will be up in a little bit - and we think those are sorely overlooked in the collection. 


We're extra excited about Momotaro (and Japan Blue Jeans) because we spent an entire day with the guys from Collect Mills bombing around Kojima (and Okayama in general) visiting their mills and factories.  At one point we wound up in the middle of nowhere Okayama, a good 45 minutes from town in a barn with a host of Toyoda shuttle looms banging away making (I think) denim for Japan Blue Jeans at that moment.  We also saw a fellow at the Momotaro flagship store handlooming denim for their handloomed series - half a meter a day! 


Brands that are the real fucking deal are our thing, and after all the time we invested in meeting with Momotaro and JBJ, we're convinced they're one of the best in the game.  Every mill and every factory in Kojima has their thing, and we dig what Collect is up to.  


The 305-18 and the 605-18 - for comparison, the 305 is similar to the Rogue Territory SK, and the 605 is a bit harder to pin down - it's got a nice tight leg opening, but the top block is roomy enough for bigger guys, with a little more rise than the usual suspects.  I can fit the 605, and I typically wear PBJ XX003, Tellason Sheffields, Indigofera Clints, Ooe Yofuketen OA02XX, and anything that's like a '54 or '67 501.  I absolutely cannot get into the 305 - not at all the right jean if you're a certain athletic build.


Both are in Zimbabwe cotton, so the 18oz isn't necessarily as brutal as you'd think.  They're certainly work to get on, but once they're on, they'll ease up a bit pretty quickly.  Here they are shot on Brandon, who's around a 30, and fits the Tellason Ladbroke Grove perfectly.  









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I just marked down this ridiculous Wings + Horns sweater from $720 to $360:



It's a stunning sweater in person - I'm going to grab some on-body shots of it later.  It is fully hand-knit (hence $$$$$$$), has an extra layer at the neck under the zipper, and is generally one of the coolest pieces of sweater-type knitwear I've ever seen.  

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I'm just gonna leave this here:

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A lot of good things on sale at the S&S webstore 20-50% off
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