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Fun Fact #12: Did you know? One out of 10 red Tabs on the back pocket of a pair of Levi's® jeans is a blank red Tab and does not include the name Levi's®. Check your red Tab and see if your pair is one of them!
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Thanks tsekh for this interesting link!
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FWIW here's pic of my 505's R-logo, bought them from ebay and they are made in lesotho.
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yes, it is because Levi's does own the trademark on all red tabs. however, it is 1 in 100 that get the blank tab.

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Originally Posted by swiss-jeansfreak View Post

An answer from the Jeansmusuem to a very old thread question:
In the seventies, quite some Levis 501 redlines had just the circle rR on their red tab.
The reason why is not clear

You've had the answer already!

The change came in around the mid 70s, and is very common with little e jeans. If Levi\s can trademark the red tab alone, then no one else can use one, whatever the writing on it. But Levi's didn't act in time to trademark the red tag in Japan.
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it's way more than 1 in 100. More like 5-10%. I've never had a problem finding a pair with the circle R tab when I felt like it. Nothing rare in the slightest.
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yes ive just brought some levis from a levis shop in nyc and i picked up a pair with a plain red tab, the lady behind the counter said they put it on only 1 out of every 10 pairs, i wasnt sure to go with these or to swap with a actull levis tab, but i went with the plain hopeing they might be alittle more "rare"?

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I recently checked this out myself and found that the R is on 1 out of every 100 pairs of jeans due to the change of cotton whilst sewing the branded word (Levis), please correct me if i'm wrong. 

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I actually work at the Levi's in Nashville or tag means out of every hundred pair of pants made one of them was just going to be a plain R tag for example if you was to purchase a size 32X30 out of every hundreth pair of those produced one is going to have a plane R tag which In a way would make it rare especially in other countries like Europe considering they cost damn there $100 for one pair where in America you can get them for 60 so it is rare especially if you try to go to collection off of it
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Frogs08, Warley, kamatchi: Yeah every 100 pair comes with a plain red tab with a circle R only
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