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Evening seersucker?  help!

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I have an evening function to go to this weekend. It will be mixed ages, at somebody's house, partially inside and partially outdoors. I am expecting the men to be wearing everythng from sportcoats to polo shirts and khakis. My question is, would it be okay for me to break out the seersucker suit for a casual function that happens to be in the evening? (sans tie, with a buttondown shirt, ribbon belt, loafers, no socks) Thoughts anyone?
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It really depends on where you live - in the South and a portion of the Eastern Seaboard, it would be perfectly normal to see seersucker in a casual setting - especially if it's early evening and warm - elsewhere, I'm not so sure and will defer to others more versed in such things. I'd do it.
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IMO, although the result may be elegant if we saw it in Town & Country, the dressed-down suit may appear too formal, too conspicuous, and too "fashionable" if, as I assume, the event is taking place in Michigan (where I remember from past posts that you work). I've just have never seen this at an outdoor party in this general part of the world, as opposed to the more conventional blazer/khaki pants/polo shirt/loafer attire (but the no socks and the ribbon belt are a nice touch). But I don't know that much about more fashion-conscious areas such as, say, maybe, Birmingham. You might feel self-conscious but you also might not care and just want to be stylish.
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Absolutely wear it. It sounds great. You'll probably start a trend. The guys might give you a bit of a time, but the gals will flock to you. -Tom
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Wear it.
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Report: Well, thanks for the excellent advice all the way around. I did indeed wear it, and to be honest, it didn't get much attention, which is good (despite my wife's former insistance that seersucker and/or bowties are cries for attention ). No men commented, but two women gave me compliments.
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I'm glad that you did not take my advice and that you were undoubtedly the best dressed man there. That's great.
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