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no problem wmmk, which color did you get? I remember really liking this when they first put it up. Would have probably bought it then if it was as cheap as it is now ($250). edit: if it wasn't for the elbows i'd be all over it. Could probably remove, but not worth the risk.
this is the doc holliday
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The store may be gone, but hickey is definitely still around. Check out this pre-order from bloomingdale's.
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Picked up a hickey oxford cloth button down at Century 21 in Manhattan last week for fifty bucks. I really love the fit and material. Went back to try and buy some more of the same but all hickey stuff was gone, as far as I could tell. Anyone seen the hickey oxfords on sale at that kind of price? Either online or in New York City? Thanks.
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Sorry to necro - but I'm dying for an equitable brand of button down shirts since hickey went kaput. The size L shirts fit me like a charm with a little tailoring and the styling/quality rocked too. Wasn't too slim and hipster like most of the overpriced and ubiquitous workwear stuff is nowadays. Thoughts?
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