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persol bond ones are so versatile.

i like the persol mcqueens but like someone mentioned before, they run too small
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Yeah, both of the Bond persols are very nice.
Have both versions
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Jean-Paul Gaultier. Have 7 pairs - one for every day of the week. Love the vintage aspect meshed with modernism of them. And as they are not distributed anymore in Australia, I alone wear them!
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I have a pair of ray ban's and a pair of diesel glasses. Neither were too expensive and I'd recommend either at that price point.

Also though I like ray ban aviators too many people have them for me to buy anything similar to the standard model.
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Got my Randolf Engineering glasses on eBay for $30 shipped. Very sturdy feeling. Love em so far. (a week into owning them)
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Originally Posted by mr.loverman View Post
unless your a cop or a marine then oakleys scream white trash. they remind me too much of vin diesel in pitch black.

Ive never been a fan of Oakleys either
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I just got a pair of Maui Jim Readers, sport sunglasses with bifocal lenses. Now I can read the map.
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Originally Posted by The_Game07 View Post

Ive never been a fan of Oakleys either

However, Oakleys are great for their intended purpose, for sports. There are no other shades that perform so well during sports. They stay on your face without any movement and they cut down the glare and brighten the view.
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I have two Persol 2720s in a tortoiseshell frame with brown lenses , and green lense.
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anything polarized by REVO.
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What do you all think of the Persol 2747s? Thinking about picking up a pair.

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I bought my first pair of Oliver Peoples recently and I must say I'm most pleased. Brands [mainstream] I've seen suggested for their good optics during my search include Maui Jim, Persol, Revo, Serengetti and the above.
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Where was this thread last week? Needed new perspcription sunglasses ended up choosing a pair of Oliver Peoples (just edged out a pair of Maui Jim's) for casual wear/golf/weekends and a pair of Gold and Wood for work and when I play dress up in NYC. Can't tell you any more about them as they won't be ready for another week. So many styles, brands, options, it was a nightmare trying to decide. I'm just glad it's over.
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DeromeBrenner. Oliver Goldsmith. Mykita. Linda Farrow Vintage - Luxe line, collabs, what ever you can find, except for crazy stuff made for Bernhard Wilhelm. DITA. SALT. Ksubi. Beausoleil, for all of you sensitive types. All others, as in Persol, OP, etc., these are all dead brands that rely on one thing and one thing only - people who have no clue. Maui Jim...Who'd want to wear anything with a name like that??? And besides, who cares how good the lenses are if frames make you you like a douchebag?
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