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unless your a cop or a marine then oakleys scream white trash. they remind me too much of vin diesel in pitch black.
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I've worn Maui Jim's for the past 8 years or so. They've treated me well, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair, though the styles aren't very exciting. Recently I was shopping for a pair for my Mom, and really loved a pair of Oliver Peoples. I haven't seen the men's collection, but the quality and materials used seemed to be quite nice, and as far as I can recollect they were not Made in China. Possibly Japan like my Maui's?
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Always a big fan of Persol... As a note, I was able to try on the 649 and 714 (folding) Mcqueens and they are smaller than they look, almost to the size of wayfarers. I was told they might fit large like an aviator but this is not the case. Hope this might be of help for those looking to get them online, because after a lot of searching I could never find them in store.
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agreed about the oakley comment.

for me, von zipper and spy are the top of the list
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in school I worked in a store that sold all the designers as well as the oakleys, maui jims, ray bans, kaenons, costas, etc etc. The designer shades are crap as far as lenses and durability go. Maui Jims, Kaenons, and the 580 lenses on the Costas are the best glasses as far as lenses, feel, and durability. Like the one guy said the Hingless maui jims are probably the best sunglasses made. I have a few gucci pairs just because when I'm on my bike I like a bigger lense but they either scratch or fall apart within a month or two.
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Originally Posted by soulbleed62 View Post
agreed about the oakley comment. for me, von zipper and spy are the top of the list
Yeah, top of the list of crappy and cheap frames.
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what do you guys think of revo's?
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Ray-Ban Aviators with Ambermatic or Photogrey lenses. Finding them is quite difficult, but they are fantastic. They are very stylish yet use one of the best lense technologies ever...
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Oakley Nanowire. Best sunglasses I've ever owned. Light, stylish, nigh-on indestructible, and not Oakley-gauche.
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Originally Posted by TCN View Post
My pick for best lenses was Maui Jim; reminds me of the first time I looked through a really high end pair of binoculars.

+1 Maui Jim. I got a pair last summer with prescription lenses before embarking on my driving tour of the South West USA and they're excellent. Hellishly expensive in the UK though.
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+1 for the Persols. I have the 2720's and the 2283's. The 2720's were in Casino Royale, worn by Daniel Craig for a few scenes...classic shape, and I love the silver arrow.
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Can anyone speak on the quality of Tom Ford's? I am specifically looking at the "Falconer" model.
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I'm sure Maui Jim makes great specs based on the reviews here, but I can't help thinking the brand name sounds like something I should being paying $10 for at Wal-Mart.
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Got my Randolph Engineering aviators a month ago and I love em with the wrap around cables. The lenses are quite nice and at $75 you can't go wrong.
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Definitely Persol: great quality and a classy look.
Ray Bans are cool, and the Randolph or AO aviators are fantastic.
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