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I only wear Oakley. They have tons of models for all types of fashion looks, are not horribly expensive like Gucci, and last forever. Also, it is essential for me to have the full mirrored look. I don;t like wearing sunglasses when people can still see my eyes.
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I own a pair of Robert Marc and a pair of Ray Bans, but the glasses I am lusting over right now are vintage aviators repros from Lunor.
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I think Mykita makes the most comfortable frames. They seem kind of flimsy when you first get them--Oliver Peoples seem more sturdy but you later realize that Mykita is def more sturdy. Theyre just more flexable and the design with out any screws is amazing. I love the way they look as well. I liked oliver poeples a lot but these are just way more comfortable and they look better as well...
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I have Revos, RayBans and Persols... Persols are my favourite.
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I'm surprised no one recommended my current favorites:
Alain Mikli: Extremely comfortable frames with the opposable hinges.
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I like Christian Dior quite a bit. My pair doesn't seem particularly durable but they look great.
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I've owned the following:

Ray Ban
Porsche Design
Maui Jim
Randolph Engineering
Oliver Peoples
Mosely Tribes

My pick for best lenses was Maui Jim; reminds me of the first time I looked through a really high end pair of binoculars. My favorite frames were Persols; tough, comfortable, and I felt like Steve McQueen, even behind the wheel of my wife's Volvo wagon. ;-)
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Where can you buy Francois Pinton sunglasses in the US?
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It's a tough question to answer.

There are so many makers out there, and it also depends on the shape of your face. I have a particularly chubby face, so I know I have to stay away from some frame shapes.

Maui Jim's site is a start to helping you learn more about which frame and face shapes work together:

You also have to consider the when you will be wearing them. I will only wear some of mine with a suit, and others I will only wear with shorts/jeans and T-shirt.

I own the following one or more from the following brands:

Prada (You will be surprised by how nice some of their frames are).
Robert Marc
Face a Face

Right now, I am enjoying the Beausoleil ( and Robert Marc.

Oliver Goldsmith, Alain Mikli, Cutler and Gross and Oliver Peoples all have really nice stuff.

Have not seen any Christian Roth for men, but my wife has a pair of the "c'hip-hop sleek" and they are really cool. Not to everyone's taste though.

Good luck,
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Hands down no questions from a preformance sandard Kaenon remarkable product
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Originally Posted by horndog View Post
I loathe most things Louis Vuitton but I was dragged into their Geneva store last summer and left with a pair of Conspiration M sunglasses. Gradient (darker on top, lighter on bottom) amber lens, tortoise shell frames, very classy. One of my favorite purchases ever.

I got a pair of the Conspiration LM landscape with the silver frame. I'm enjoying them so far. The stars in the nose-pads is the icing on the cake.
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I've recently acquired 2 pairs of Oliver Peoples Aero Design and couldn't be more pleased.
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oliver goldsmith for "bespoke" sunglasses!
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I will pretty much only buy Oakley and I'll tell you why.

For one I refuse to buy ANY pair of sunglasses with non-polarized lenses. Second Oakley lens are just the best in my honest opinion. Their lenses are scratch resistant, oil resistant, they have the best polarization in the biz, plus the fact they have every shade and mirror type available on almost every pair of sunglasses they sell. They also have like 200 styles of sun glasses from plastic to metal and everything in between, so casual or upscale you can find some good sunglasses by them.

It does suck that rednecks also love Oakley, and have somewhat tarnished the real style and elegance of the brand.

Style wise, I also like Oliver Peoples.
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Originally Posted by lasbar View Post
My wife is a Louis Vuitton fanatic!!!! It started with the bag ,now the purse and so on.....
Sunglasses are for me unchartered territory and i would like to receive some advice....
I tend to be wary of the big names such as Burberry's,Chanel ,Gucci or Versace....
The bigger the logo is ,normally the lowest the quality is!!!!!
Apart from persol and Rayban ,any great sunglasses brands without a massive logo?

Burberry sunglasses are cheaper then the rest of the big name Saks 5th brands... they are like TJMaxx quality.

But yea, I mean, I generally just recommend going to Saks and picking out a pair you like. I just got a pair of black Giorgio Armani square framed, look like Wayfarers... but what can I say, I am a whore for the big name/commericial Italian sunglasses...
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