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Anyone have experience with Vintage Terri Brogan? How is the quality?, they are supposedly made in Germany
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dsquared2 retro square frame black and
raf simons x linda farrow rectangular aviator red color few years ago...
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Rayban Aviators 100%
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For those in NYC, there's a sale on at the Oliver People's store (somewhere around Tribeca, near West Broadway or thereabouts). Picked up a pair of transparent frame photochromatic sunglasses for $120. They look great!
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Originally Posted by theEnd View Post
For those in NYC, there's a sale on at the Oliver People's store (somewhere around Tribeca, near West Broadway or thereabouts). Picked up a pair of transparent frame photochromatic sunglasses for $120. They look great!
Thanks for the tip. I have a penchant for Oliver Peoples frames.
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Just picked up a pair of Persols 714s to replace the Wayfarers I lost over the weekend and I love them already. Classic but not on everyone's faces.
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I would say RayBan and then Oliver Peoples ands Persol. I can find them at great prices and they have many designs to choose from.
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Originally Posted by sky140885 View Post
I'm looking at randolph engineering aviators but not sure of the sizings - 52mm or 55mm or 58mm. Anyone has any experience?

I have a pair of the Crew Chiefs. They only come in 54mm. I think they fit my face perfectly.

I fit right into the guidelines on the sizing chart:

They are really nice, solid sunglasses. I like them a lot. I have four or five pairs of sunglasses and these are my favorites.
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Robert Marc
Cutler and Gross
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tortise shell wayfarers all the way
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quote for reference
Originally Posted by clubbyjones View Post
FWIW, I sell upscale watches and sunglasses privately.

As a test, we took all of these pairs outside and tested them on a bunch of people at a neighborhood party. We live on a golf course community on a lake, with the course facing the front door and the lake facing the back. We had everyone close their eyes, and we put the glasses on them and then asked them to open and look around. We asked what produced, in their opinion, the "clearest and sharpest" vision. We wanted a first and a second choice. As you can imagine, this took a while.


Oakley C-Wire
Oakley M-Frame
Persol 2243
Ray-Ban 3213
Sama Slam
Mosley Tribes Pilot
Oliver Peoples Nitro
Oliver Peoples Lykos
Maui Jim Lanai
Serengeti Bromo
Costa Del Mar Bonefish Bay

Out of the nine people we asked, EVERY single person said the Mosley Tribes or one of the Oliver Peoples. Ironically, they all use the same VFX polarized lens.

My philosophy, which I repeat everyday when someone calls me for sunglasses, is that you should go with a company that FOCUSES on sunglasses and has made a name for themselves based on it. While Prada, Gucci, Armani, etc, have great styled frames, their lenses hardly ever match up. With Oakley, Maui Jim, Oliver Peoples, etc, you are getting great lenses (assuming you buy the top of the line polarized glass lenses) that all give great vision. We only performed our test because we really could only give opinion based on what we saw.

It's my firm recommendation that Oliver Peoples and Mosley Tribes have the clearest glass lenses around, bar none. Truth be told, too many other brands (i.e. Maui Jim) are so darn good that it doesn't really make a difference.
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Originally Posted by Stylin247 View Post
Rayban Aviators 100%

Aviators have to be the best sunglasses. They are a style that has lasted a LONG time and are arguably the most worn sunglasses out there. Vintage aviators are my favorite.
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For me my Versace shades have worked really well for me over the past couple years, really solid brand.
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I've owned a few pairs of ray bans and recently bought a pair by randolph engineering. I'd buy randolph's over ray bans every time in the future.
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