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AO Glasses are very nice. Too bad they are too small for my face.
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Originally Posted by Neo1824 View Post
Persol will be my next purchase. I've heard a lot of good things about them and they look pretty darn cool!

+1 Steve McQueen wore Persol
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Barton Perreira
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Ray Ban Ultra
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Maui Jim, for me the lenses are the starting point.
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What are peoples opinions on Dita? I'm really liking the look of these:
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Originally Posted by Tomasso View Post
I prefer sunglasses with Polarized glass lenses. I have them by several makers, Persol being my favorite. It's best to try them on for style, fit and coloration.

+1 to all of the above!
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I'm a bit of an adventurer when comes to sunglasses. It makes you or breaks you. I like ray ban only because they ve been in the game for so long and they have the classics, but for unique and super stylish I like the Riktorpeeps defender line. Stylesss, but then again are so many I love to wear.
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I'm looking at randolph engineering aviators but not sure of the sizings - 52mm or 55mm or 58mm. Anyone has any experience?
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Chanel. So beautiful.. but overpriced.
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I purchased my first pair of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses 15 years ago - it was the Gulfstream - a really small sized frame with lots of curvature and heavy strong gauge monel (copper nickel alloy) construction , with real glasses lenses. It was elegant, streamlined and low key. I was in love and have been ever since.

Had this pair stolen 7 years ago and discovered the beautifully built (in japan) Gulfstream was discontinued. Luckily I was able to find some virtually new pairs on ebay (bought 6 in all) -that's how much i loved them. They are still the sturdiest pairs i have seen except for the oakley juliets (crappy optics)

Admittedly I haven't shopped for sunglasses in 2 years (and never bought any in 7 years) but why do all sunglasses have such big lenses vertically? and why is there so little thought to lateral eye coverage. And the frames just get bigger and bigger but flimsier and flimsier!! Is everyone out there Mr Potato head?

End of rant!

BTW my Gulfstreams have 8% light transmittance. What is the current polarized brand with the lowest light transmittance?
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this is great source of info - thanks - i need to get another pair of glasses
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Anyone know of a shop in the 'Motherland' (UK) where I can actually try on SALT sunglasses? Lear
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My personal best is the Ray Ban and then comes carrera. Nothing can beat the quality and styles of ray ban.
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Originally Posted by neato View Post
Who/what are the best designers/brands for sunglasses? When I say "best," I am referring to both quality and aesthetics.

I need sunglasses, but I'd rather buy one good/expensive pair than a bunch of cheap crappy pairs.

I've got a pair of Chrome Hearts I'm happy with. They're aviator style with rosewood and sterling temples.
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