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I just bought these Persol 2849S. I think they're too large. There are two size choices,("59-17-48-140mm" and "56-17-46-135mm"). This is the larger size, so I guess I will mail them back for an exchange, because i like the shape.

shitty isight picture
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Originally Posted by AJRigotti727 View Post
Ray Ban Wayfarer's

Best Sunglasses Ever Made


Even if all the fashionable girls of NYC are trying to beat them into the goddamn ground.
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I dont know why Persol keeps on getting mentioned here. They are no longer owned by Ratti...and have not been for a while. They are owned by Luxottica and therefore they are complete garbage in terms of quality and construction.

But its nice to know how people who dont know much about sunglasses keep on making recommendations as to who makes the "best."
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Okaley desinger sunglasses....
buy one pare years ago still works great!
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I just purchased a pair of OP Aeros and a pair of Mosley Tribes Aviatrix (Round and Square Aviator) Very happy with both, I was always a maui jim wearer but there lenses are just a bit too dark for me, I like the VFX lenses in these new ones.
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I've got to go with the Revo fans here. I really like the style, durability, and quality of their polarized lens glasses. I've got these aviators that's frames are really bendable and then just bounce back to their original shape.
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I don't know if they are the "best" but I still like Persol. They are still made in Italy and strike me as having high quality construction.

While I like Revo's lenses and style, many of their sunglasses are currently made in China. While this may not reflect in the quality, it would make me pause before spending $200 on a pair.
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Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
I don't know if they are the "best" but I still like Persol. They are still made in Italy and strike me as having high quality construction.


I am waiting on delivery of a pair of 2877Vs which I intend to wear as eyeglasses. So they won't have Persol lenses in them, but Zeiss with Teflon protectant and Transitions photochromatic tint.

Still, they're a classic look (actually an adaptation of an older style) and the build seemed to be top notch.

Frankly, I don't care who's bought out who. If you look far enough, there are very few "original" companies out there. As long as the new company continues to operate with the same principals and quality, I'm all for conglomerates.

Granted, that's not what happens very often.
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I just picked these up and am pretty pleased with how they fit and look - Robert Evans by Oliver Peoples in olive tortoise:

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I like the look of Persols - I'm aware they were bought out by Luxottica, but so what?

For high quality, I haven't found anything that is better (optically) than a pair of Oliver Peoples yellow tinted aviators I wear hunting. I don't have any other experience with OP, but I'd have no trouble recommending them based on the optical quality of the glass.
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I like the Persols too. I have a set of 2244-S / 834 that are very nice. They fit well, are fairly rugged, and look good.

Ray-Ban aviators in silver and black along with Serengetti Velocity Titanium's are several others I wear on occasion.
post #147 of 219 to why no one is talking about quality and what it means? Who makes the most optically superior sunglass lenses, while at the same time being in keeping with contemporary (or even classic) fashionable frame design.? That's the better question, IMO. My S/O loves Gucci, DKNY, Armani, Dolce, and Versace sunglasses, though they are clearly inferior. Why take the risk of getting Lasik and then turn around and wear this stuff?
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How do u guys like ProDesign, the one from denmark?
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I'd have to say American Optical or Serengetti for lens quality. But those are the only two optical manufacturers I have experience with.

I'm sure there are others as good or better.

Swarovski and Shott come to mind as optical glass makers, but I don't know if they make sunglass lenses.
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Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
They are all the same. Almost every brand is manufactured by Luxottica or Safilo. It's all a matter of taste unless you go truly high end.
I've read this too. Pretty much everything is manufactured by luxottica. They have either bought out well established brands like ray-ban, oakley et al. or they bought the manufacturing rights from most fashion lables. Their brand portfolio...
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