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There's an ad in pretty much all men's magazines, (GQ, Maxim, Playboy) for some Skechers that are a solid color with lots of options available, with white stripes running down vertically. I'm trying to find some of these because I think they'd look really good with darker jeans.
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I read somewher in one of my magazines that velcro shoes are a "must have" for the spring, was I hallucinating or what? Though I did go out a buy a cheap pair to see what sort of response I would receive to them, I have been complemented on several occasions since. They're also quite comfortable. They are a very simple white with black striped here and there pattern with the two straps accross the front. They go great with -almost- every pair of jeans I've tried them with and I am pretty happy with them. Even if they aren't in style I may just be the new trend setter in the neighborhood.
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the red suede sambas are my favourite casual footwear. next are suede classics- reebok. other casual footwear brands i like are camper, dkny, and diesel
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Speaking of velcro sneakers, I've recently found an unused pair of old school Kangaroos at my local Salvation Army. They're brown suede with the two velcro straps, and you can't forget the secret pocket in the tongue. They have to be one of the most fun sneakers I've ever owned, plus being that everything old is back again, think Pony, these are the epitame of the 80's. These also have to rare, thus not every other clown will have a pair, for I have never seen anybody wear Kangaroos since I was a youngin', nor have I yet to hear them mentioned of lately. Does anyone know if they're are still even in business? Also yesterday I just picked up a pair of black sneakers more in the Prada tradition. They look almost exactly like the Dolce & Gabbana soccer sneakers in their one GQ ad, but they lace down much closer to the front of the toe. I think these too will be fun for they're more slimmed down and pointed (me grudgingly getting out of that squared toe look), plus I think the low lacing will be/ is in style for I have seen Versace and some others doing it which looks good with more pointed toe shoes. I'd be interested in hearing what the rest of you all think.
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No fashion statement or obnoxious athletic logos for me. I have a pair of K-Swiss Classic Deluxe Edition that suits me just fine. They are all leather with white on white stripes. They work well with jeans, khakis or shorts. Sometimes though, I do feel a little like a football coach on the sidelines when I wear these with khakis and a polo shirt, so for those occasions, I also have a pair of Sperry Canvas Boat Shoes in white. These are very comfortable and definitely don't look like I should have a whistle around my neck. Despite what the fashion magazines tell me, I'm just not comfortable with the idea of wearing sneakers with suits. Bradford
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