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I just reread the Zegna Soft page on ebay and after laughing my ass off (again)...I have come to a conclusion: if anyone reads this wonderful masterpiece of literary genius, and still purchase a suit from this clown, well then they deserve what they receive. Jon.
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Remember the Albert Nipon suit that someone linked above? The guy had posted the retail price in the item title as $3125. I emailed him this message: "What the hell store sells this suit for $3125? Are you referring to Japanese yen?" His response: "Thank you for alerting me to my error. There was a mistake in my transcription."
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While we're taking about dishonest sellers, what's up with people like Brandmaniac selling Vestimenta suits like this one: Vestimenta suit and saying it's worth 2K, is that true or is it another form of scam? Apart from the work they do for armani black label are they really that wonderful because it's not the first time a see a suit advertised as Vestimenta on ebay and I always wondered how much they were really worth... As for Mr. Harris, I had a look at the merchandise you're selling and too bad those Kiton shirts don't fit me....being a 14.5 is so sad sometimes
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