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why is "made in italy" bad?

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interesting article from msnbc today in light of the recent thread about clothing made in china.

Made by Foreign Hands
Rather than outsource production, many Italian luxury brands are employing illegal Chinese immigrants as their artisans.
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I saw this today. Does this mean Kiton is made by Chinese?
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I guess they are doing whatever it takes to stay competitive or more likely just trying to improve their margins.
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At this rate, even those who resist the lure of what Pellicelli calls the world's new workshop will have to post an addendum to the MADE IN ITALY label: BY THE CHINESE.

Thought that was funny. Interesting article, thanks.
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And when the Chinese will become to expensive or demanding ,such as wanting to work only 15 hours a day with a 10 minutes break, the factories will go to North Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How to translate cost cuts in mandarin?
Globalization is great!!!!
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Actually, many Chinese entrepreneurs find labor and other production costs too high in China, especially in larger cities and moved production to Vietnam where labors costs are lower and workers more "docile."
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This part was misleading for me: "Paolo Zegna, heir to the Ermenegildo Zegna label and president of the Federation of Italian Textiles and Fashion Enterprises, has become something of a hero in Italian luxury circles for chiding companies that ship production abroad or open sweatshops at home."

WTF? Last time I saw some Zegna sweaters and windbreakers, I was shocked to see a "Made in China" label on them!
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A lot of Zegna stuff is made in Mauritus by Chinese imported workers I have heard from holidaymakers.
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