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Tennis shoes

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I have worn out my tennis shoes recently, and apparently Reebok no longer makes that particular model. I'm not going to have time to go shoe-shopping until midweek, so I was wondering if any of you gentlemen had recommendations for tennis shoes with great ankle support, good traction on clay, and preferably without any petrochemicals pretending to be hide. Real trainers are a pretty globalised, so chances are excellent that anything recommended in the USA will be also available here, albeit at 1 1/2x the price. I'm not wedded to any brand, nor is their any brand I won't consider. Assuming I keep to form, these shoes will never be worn off the court, so looks are much less of a consideration than for other shoes. Peace, JG
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Isn't K-Swiss supposed to be the ultimate tennis (real tennis) shoe?
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I prefer Prince tennis shoes. Neither Wilson nor Nike really did it for me. Prince's shoes are reasonably priced, and just as importantly, fit well and provide all the support I needed while being reasonably comfortable. The Wilson shoes I had were a little too "shifty." On the one pair of Nike tennis shoes I bought, the sole actually split while I was playing my first match in them. Needless to say, I was able to return them for a full refund.
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i can't comment on a specific shoe since i have never played on a clay court and don't know the specific traction needed for them. also, though i play tennis every week, i haven't bought 'real' tennis shoes in years. i used to favor diadora. their better models are still made in italy and feel very well made. however, for the last few years i've been playing in reebok basketball shoes. they offer superior ankle support and are extremely comfortable, especially if you get a pair which are lightweight.
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I used to wear Prince shoes when I was on the Varsity Tennis team. Then again, I WAS in high school, so...
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