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Originally Posted by Irman Hilmi View Post

Yes, it is a bit long, but long enough to make it really annoying. Mine was the earlier version, the 2015 version is even longer, I believe. In the end, what I did was score a 25-year old 613, and tapered the sleeves making it slimmer than the 626, and changed the insulated nylon lining to satin. My opinion on the Indian-made BLK DNM is that the shoulders jut off too much, making it sort of look like you're wearing shoulder pads. Plus the epaulets is just a bit too stiff and sticks out. Just get a 613/618 with proper shoulder width, then taper the sleeves, a pretty easy job for any leathershop. I had the luxury of trying sizes 34-42, and settled on the 38 which had the perfect shoulder measurements for me and with the sleeves tapered it pretty much became a custom fit jacket for me. 


If it might help people looking for their perfect leather jacket, here was leather jacket journey :

New 613 Perfecto, size 34 (shoulders too narrow, everything too tight. New steerhide sucks)

New Straight To Hell Perfecto size 38 (shoulders perfect, too short, insulated lining on the sleeves which really bulked up the sleeves which I didn't like)

New 626 Perfecto, earlier version with stars on epaulets, size S (waxy cowhide was too shiny, sleeves were a bit narrow but size M was too loose everywhere, at 26" was a bit too long, only looked good zipped up, when unzipped there was an annoying curl on the front left side of the jacket, probably caused by the flap pocket's weight. I believe the 2015 version is now 27" long. Too long. I believe the Supreme Perfectos, PER2 and most of the newer styles are based on the 626 measurements.)

Vintage 613 Perfecto (late 80s, early 90s), size 38 (yes, it had poofy sleeves, but a trip to the leathershop changed all that. Shoulders just right, everything else too. Vintage naked cowhide feels more luxurious than those new waxy cowhide on the 626s. A keeper.)


Otherwise you should try to take a look at the new 519 50s Perfecto, or get the Japan version 613US or 613USS with satin lining. I believe the Japanese 613s are a tad shorter, but they have a the tall version 613UST.


Oh btw I used to run a boutique where I live here, and we had a Schott wholesale account, and was in close contact with the Schott guys. In the end I settled for a customized vintage.


Hope the info here helps someone who's still looking for their dream leather jacket. Mine took nearly 3 years and many wasted dollars on jackets and shipping. :)


Edited with a fit pic to show how slim the sleeves of a 613 can be :)


Hey man, sorry to bring up an old thread but I noticed you were from KL and was wondering where'd you go to get your jacket tailored and relined? I've been looking all over for a good leather tailor that doesnt run too much, as I've got myself a vintage schott 618 and need to get the arms brought in as well as the quilted lining replaced for something a little more friendly for our crazy climate.

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hey silasya77


i got mine done at Pertama Complex, there's many Pakistani/Bangladeshi leather guys there on the first floor i think. I did my sleeves, changed the lining to satin for around RM150-180. Done it 3 times there, and they do a pretty good job.

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Oh wow that's amazing! I googled Pertama Kompleks before but all that came up was the leather shop up top and they told me they didn't do alterations. Thanks, I'll definitely check them out!

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