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Raja fashions

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Has anyone ever had an MTM suit made by them?
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In fact I just started the process today. I also started a blog about it and other, as in, not mine, clothes news.
post #3 of 11 I've had about 4 suits made by them now... every time I felt like they were taking me for a ride. The suits are fairly nice overall but as for the price, they sure tried to stick it to me every time. Nothing like the advertisements said. I always ended up paying way more than I thought I was going to/should have.
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I've had about 4 suits made by them now... every time I felt like they were taking me for a ride. The suits are fairly nice overall but as for the price, they sure tried to stick it to me every time. Nothing like the advertisements said. I always ended up paying way more than I thought I was going to/should have.
Will you go back to them? Also, if each session made you feel uncomfortable what made you go back? Presumably the suits are good enough to warrant returning.
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I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. I think it may come down to the person you are dealing with (one of the other tailors seemed to be working over the person he was "helping"). Have you tried Mohan tailors in New York? I've had two suits and an overcoat made there and Mohan's a good MTM option, if a little more expensive. Have you tried WW Chan? I've seen really good things on here about his work. EDITED - Just went through and read all about your first experience. Were you unhappy with the quality on the other three suits? $600 is definitely more than you expected, but it seems pretty fair considering the work, and it looks like a very nice material. Would love to hear more about those three other suits.
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I don't mean to diss any groups here but it is apparent that most of these tailors are salesman and are trying to make the most money they can. Although I don't doubt that some of them can make a great suit, the up selling they do would in the end leave a bad taste in my mouth. In Hong Kong, all the Indian tailors are considered to be inferior to and on the low end of the spectrum tailoring wise. Many have heard of Sam's tailor but I have read mixed reviews on them. I think GQ even did an article on them in their last issue or one of those men's magazines. I don't know if there are truly better tailoring houses in Hong Kong(I will head there soon to find out), but the level at WW Chan is far superior to anything I have seen so far. By the way, I emailed them and they told me their whole schedule is booked although I was fitted in. This board is making them a fortune.
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I have to agree with you HitMan, but aren't all businessmen interested in making money? It's a shame that some tailors miss the point that a friendly relationship is more likely to make you money in the long run. Good to hear such a positive mention of WW Chan. Have you had personal experience with them?
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chorse123, Yes, a businessman's purpose in is to make money..... I regret I didn't elaborate enough. You filled in the part that I left out. If he was a good businessman, he would understand the need to build relationships thus ensuring future business and referals from current clients. WWChan from what I seen understands this concept. I had a suit made from WWChan during their last visit in July. It was a VBC herringbone cloth 120s. The overall suit is pretty damn good for the few meaurements he took. The first suit I hear is always something that requires fixing. Basically I will be there during this visit to refine what I am looking for. I would however highly recommend going to Hong Kong for a true fitting. There are just some details that require multiple fittings. -HitMan009
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Do let us know how you're next suit goes, and if they improve on any problems in the suit. If there were any, what were they? I think what we've mentioned, about building relationships, is a very difficult thing to achieve. And of course, it deserves to be awarded. But a deal, if you're worried about budget, is a deal. That's why so many posters seem to favour Jantzen for shirts, even with bad customer service.
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Gentlemen I'm a first time poster and thought I'd share with you my experiences with Raja tailors after reading quite a lot about them on here. I have had two suits made by them but both times have had problems - not dealbreakers, but enough to make me wary about ordering again. 1. I found their customer service pretty poor. Now maybe it's a culture or language thing, but the Indian men who have attended to me on both occasions have been very brusque and surly and obviously interested only in getting as much money in as short a time as possible. I am familar with the sales method of 'add ons', but I don't expect this to include things like a full jacket lining. 2. The first suit I bought was advertised in the London Evening Standard as a £169 summer suit in linen or lightweight wool. When I asked for this I got shown a book of samples that felt more like blends with very low linen content. My request for three buttons rather than two was met by a sneer and a sigh. The measurements were rushed through very quickly. When the suit arrived, the fit was a bit tight around the shoulders and an inch too long in the inside leg. Not major problems however and the suit is pretty much ok although the cloth has a definite 'manmade' feel leading me to wonder if it is the same cloth I was shown in the swatch book. 3. The second time I ordered, I got the same brusque treatment. However I asked twice for them to make sure the suit was a little looser around the shoulders and shorter in the inside leg. The salesman just nodded in a distracted way but made no notes regarding this. I was charged £275 for a 2sb medium weight wool. I am pretty sure I ordered navy blue with white pinstripe - but when the suit arrived it was dark grey with a crimson stripe. Now as it turned out, I quite liked this - but I am pretty sure this is not what I ordered. And although the shoulders fitted ok this time, the inside leg was still too long. I also received a 'free' shirt which is ok but the collar is too large. The moral of all this is I would be VERY careful about dealing with Raja in the future. Be clear on what you want, and get as much in writing as possible - take a reference number of the fabric you order and get this put in the order book. If you are careful and willing to compromise a bit, the service is quite good, and a reasonable midway between off the rack and bespoke. But if you can afford it, I would spend a little bit more and go to a small off-Savile Row tailor such as George of Cleveland Street, London W1.
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living in HK, i am constant exposed to Raja's adverts in the local newspapers, whilst i understand the the purpose of adverts is to promote...however these are way way over the top...put me off completely from even considering giving them a try..
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