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For pub-wear there it invariably boils down to jeans, shirt, pub jacket (to keep you warm getting there but dispensable) and non-sports shoes.  The latter due to the fashion police bouncers that one may encounter outside some pubs/clubs.  To get a visual feel for it you can check out the out and about section of the Belfast telegraph website. 


Ah, that's some good advice, thanks. It really didn't occur to me that sports shoes aren't much allowed in clubs.



Originally Posted by inno View Post


Things are definitely more casual, as you might gather from the responses, but relax and enjoy yourself. I'm guessing you're going to UL? It's a good spot, the campus is amazing these days, and it's outside the city centre so it's practically its own town.


Yup, headed to UL. I'm really not as nervous about fitting in as I seem -- I just would prefer avoiding having an "oh shit..." moment or something once I set a foot down. I'm absolutely excited to take in a new environment, explore the country, and meet a whole new group of friends.


On point, I think a pair of Vans probably fit the bill for me just fine. Thanks again, everyone, for your responses. If you happen to have any other advise for getting around in Ireland in general, definitely shoot me a message, I'd love to hear it.

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A pair of Alden indy or chukka boots with rubber sole would be great.

Also a bit of topic, The Bureau in Belfast carries a lot of nice stuff.

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limericks's finest, the rubberbandits, have all the info you need. plus you can see what the locals wear.

remember it rains almost constantly, so rubber soles are advised. indys would be a good call.
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