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As an Arlingtonian who works in Gallery Place, but hasn't done a lot of the Logans Circle/ U street places yet: Brasserie Beck has awesome mussels and beer, pretty tough to beat for HH. China express used to be my favorite cheap eat in chinatown, but Mings recently opened up a block away, and IMO, blows it away for everything that isnt noodles (china express noodles are orgasm-inducing). If you like BBQ, cap Q is the best I've had around here, not mindblowing, but always pretty solid. That said, getting a smoked turkey from them for thanksgiving is among the best $75 you will ever spend on food, period. Havent tried hill country yet, theyre a few blocks further from my office and looks ~50% more expensive than cap Q, but they do have sausage shipped in from Kreuz's in Texas, so it might be worth a trip for that. EatBar in Clarendon is awesome for the price, their chicken and waffles is something you have to try. Small, but good beer list. Another vote for Pho 75 and Rays Hellburger as well. Hardly a definitive list, but these places are my normal lunch/dinner haunts.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
Has anyone been to the new BBQ place downtown ( not hillcountry).
american ice co? (aka eric hilton's continued quest to own all of dc) i haven't been yet but heard it's pretty good. thx for the good words dude. i don't know as much about the fashion market as a lot of other dudes here, but i'm inclined to think that you woulda done better in dc than clarendon. i know rent is higher, but people in dc are so opposed to crossing the river that you were pretty much dependent on the hardcore shoppers who would make the trip, and people from va, who are even more conservative than dc. edit: point being, i think your aesthetic coulda worked in this city. it wasn't as avant garde as some other stores mentioned here. all your shit was really wearable and prices were good. dc could support a store like farinelli's as far as i can tell, just as it's supported the few other boutiques.
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Jack Rose is going to be sick when it finally opens. Roasted pig and 1,000 different whiskeys? I am so there.
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Any reviews for PX?
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^^ PX is great. Nothing beats having dinner with friends at Restaurant Eve then going to PX for drinks.

I think AC summed it up with his restaurant picks. Really good. Maybe throw in Nora's .

For cheap eats- try capital Lounge. Order the mussels. Teddy is the chef ( granville moores) same high quality mussels for 9.00 , I believe.

Puddin- maybe you are right. I just could find a spot in DC that was willing to make my vision correct. In the end Clarendon was a shit spot. My luck.

well I hope all you washingtonians make it to make trunk show . Posting dates and times tomorrow!

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I prefer the drinks at PX to the other cocktail bars in the city, but I like going to the Gibson or passenger more. PX is more creative and descriptive; I always end up with a sazerac or old fashioned at the others. NTTAWWT.

American ice company was decent. Need to up their beer game IMO. Space is nice and proximity to 930 club is great. Enjoyed the BBQ nachos but I was starving when I went in there.

Looking forward to graffiato opening.

I'm hungry.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
Lost boys and redeem have better systems were they juggle fashion forward with acceptable.
I don't even want to get on "sale" shoppers.

Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
If anyone hasn't heard Puddin spin you guys should check him out. He knows how to lay down the beats.

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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post
I can't think of the name of the Indian place downtown that has the deep-fried spinach dish - someone else can probably step in here - but it's really good, even if they never make the food spicy enough.

Rasika. That's the name of the place. I also like Jyoti in Adams Morgan, but I'm probably partial because it was so damn close to my apartment.

+1 on Clarendon probably not being the best place for a shop like Farenelli's. Throbbing heart of the striped-shirted, gelmeted, WAKA-playing, low alcohol shot-taking, Pizza Mart-eating, never shutting up about how important their internship/clerkship/whatever-ship job is douchebag commuter crowd I couldn't stand.

That said, anyone who lives in Clarendon and takes umbrage at the above statement gets to punch me once as hard as they can, provided it's not in the head, neck, or testes. I prefer not the solar plexus as well, but I'll leave that up to you.
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reservations recommended at PX on the weekends?
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I don't think they take reservations (unless that changed). Other good bar/restaurant recommendations: Bistrot du Coin, Brasserie Becks, Central, The Passenger (one of my favorites at the moment), Gibson, Marvin (I was a regular there last summer and it's out of my system but good food and good beer selection), Bar Pilar, Masa 14, Soussi, Bourbon (downstairs), the reef (rooftop), Perrys (rooftop), Comet, Russia House (drinks not dinner), Barcode... Went to America Ice Company last Friday and really enjoyed it. The bbq was good (and I blew up a toilet at the ensuing house party we ventured to) and so were the drinks. Will go there more often.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
Puddin- maybe you are right. I just could find a spot in DC that was willing to make my vision correct. In the end Clarendon was a shit spot. My luck.

yeah i know you looked at dc and there just wasn't a good spot at the time. but all this shit is working out in your favor in the end- you're focused on your line and shit is looking great.

i used you as an example only cause i think your style is an example of fashion that's off the beaten track that could work in dc. avant garde shit? probably not as much.
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^^ I understand and appreciate the support.

I'm not impressed with the Gibson at all. I do like passenger.

Has any besides me been to the ray's the steaks in anacostia??
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passenger is awesome. same with gibson. why dont u like it mauro? ... been to the other rays not that one

birch & barley/churchkey are great too
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First off they make a SHITTY Pimms cup. Secondly they are just rude. I would rater go to PX or Passenger. I'm an old man I don't need the attitude.
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Anyone been to Ray's the Steaks? Love, love, love the name but haven't stopped by yet.
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