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I’m always a little reluctant to feature the Vass thread – not because the shoes are bad, but actually the opposite. The shoes are so well made, so affordable, so beautifully manufactured and wonderfully styled, that they actually make other shoes feel dump. That Northampton monkstrap that seems so haughty and bossy among its peer deflates in comparison. Rough stuff. 


Clothing Events


Do you know when StyleForum’s favorite bespoke makers are visiting the United States? When are they stopping in New York, and when (and how often) can you expect them back again? Who knows, right? Well, those who check our wonderful Events and PSA Thread in the Men’s Clothing know exactly what’s going on. And it’s a great place to learn about officially sanctioned StyleForum events too! 


Sharp Corners


What do you think about McMansions? Are they an expression of the evolving American aesthetic, and, despite popular opinion, actually aesthetically palatable and, dare I say it, enviable? Or are they horrific, dystopian nightmares that open a vision into a hellscape dominated by tasteless excess and oversized SUVs. We report, you decide.