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Hey, TOstyle, since you're not particular about bespoke over MTM, give Harry another shot. The Sammy's these days can be quite soft and trim, not the boxy look you mentioned. Also, someone already mentioned Suitsupply; their OTR stuff is very good for the price and they are about to (or perhaps already do) offer MTM in their Toronto shop. Check them out.
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I was told MTM won't start at SuitSupply until July.

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Thanks 7_rocket - that's helpful. Will check 'em out.


I stopped into Suit Supply yesterday, but their MTM section isn't up and running yet. I would be interested in seeing what their quality looks like, given they start at a low OTR price point and this is a MIC MTM (made-in-China made-to-measure). 

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Gentlemen, I just had a nice chat with Michael over at Garrison, they are true bespoke. So you can add them to your list of True Bespoke tailors in Toronto. He explained that they have their own workshop as well which is a great thing to have in this day and age.

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he told me they have both (bespoke and MTM)


i got a suit at Trend (awaiting my 2nd fitting); got a bunch of seasonal fabric as well, so depending on how this one turns out, i'll probably go back for more CMT work.  (this first one i commissioned is also CMT)  


I had a consultation at garrison before settling on trend, and the SA wasn't that knowledgeable.  But I gotta give it to Michael, he followed up with me over the phone and he addressed any questions that I had unanswered at the time of my visit.  

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Hey borbor -- if you don't mind me asking, where are you getting seasonal fabrics at a good enough price you can go in for just CMT?

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@TOstyle some i got off ebay, some i bought during my travels.  

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Gotcha. In the market for some myself. Ebay I've always been leery of that I say that it sounds very 1991 of me. About time I took another look.

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There is a shop near Dufferin and Lawrence  that carries a bunch of shirt and suit fabrics from Italy. They supply Rosen's and Holts MTM Shirt fabrics and have a decent but limited selection of suit fabrics. They pick up a bunch of end of season and seconds. Can't remember the name off the top of my head but once I remember I'll chime back in. I think they sell to the public as well.

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@spiermackay you talking about Sultan's?

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Originally Posted by borbor View Post

 you talking about Sultan's?

That's the name. Yes. I knew it started with an S. Thank you.
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I go to Sultan's often to pick stuff up. Shirting is really great. Problem with jacketing and suiting is that much does not have selvedge and it is sometimes not clear what you are getting. That begin said, pricing can be pretty good and occasionally a grail find can be made.
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we talking LP cash grail or vicuna grail :D

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Phew, ok so just did a few hours of research online and through old SF threads too. Here's my list of MTM, bespoke, and general tailors... hope it helps:

Trend Custom Tailors (Don Lee) - 306 Sherbourne Street (Sherbourne & Gerrard) - comes up a lot. Pros it's full bespoke. Cons its expensive and Don may be hard to work with (an 'artist').
Fifth on King / Garrison Bespoke - 26 Wellington Street East #101 - Hong Kong, Michael's the man. Pros it's clean modern client focused and reasonably priced. Cons it may be too slick and modern for some and the manufacturing is done in Asia though all fittings done here locally. See review thread below.
Stavros - right in yorkville. I've met these guys. No doubt they make a good suit, but it starts around $3500 and I'm not sure but I think they outsource the work anyway.
Walter Beauchamp - One of Toronto's oldest stores I believe. Haven't seen any pictures or heard anything about them, other than they apparently do real bespoke.
Caruso Fine Tailors - seems to come up several times. Not sure if it's bots/shills plugging the place. No info/reviews that I've seen but might be worth investigating.
Nazzareno at Sartoria Raffa and Franceso Sr. Bespoke (89 Bloor West) and Espinosa Master Tailor- comments section from terrible blogto article. Apparently both these guys were where Harrys/Holts sent work to etc...
Isaac Ely ($3K+) - blogTO article. No idea what they're all about. Also pretty off the beaten track location-wise.
Spiros - avoid avoid avoid, seems to have bad reviews

Reviews -

Studio Kim - (King Street West and Niagara)
Nikos (Cumberland)
Sydney’s (does MTM + tailoring (rarely other stores clothes) – maybe sends out to Studio Kim)
Magic Tailor (opposite Eaton’s Center). Mixed reviews…

Xavier Custom Tailors - 10 St Mary (Yonge and South of Charles)
House of Salgado - 66 Wellington Street West, (inside downstairs)
Walter Beauchamp - 145 Wellington Street West
Trini says - Antonio's in the Colonnade on Bloor does excellent work.
Doxe says - Bulloch Tailors on Colborne St (yonge b/w wellington and king)
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