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JC, great post. I like the links and I signed up, definitely a worthwhile shop. I have access to everything since I'm in SoCal but there are times when a brotha needs more shops you know? If you could separate the what's new (I don't know maybe you're already planning it) for men and women that would be ideal.

Keep up the good work, if I'm ever in Chi again I'll be sure to stop by.
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Yeah, splitting the new arrivals into men's and women's is slated! Since our fall arrivals are just starting to come in, there's not much to separate. As we get more men's in, we'll make the distinction. Thanks for the feedback!

The best new men's piece right now is the 3.1 Phillip Lim scarf. It's supremely soft and lightweight. I'm hoping more comes in over the next couple weeks!

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I'm sure you've seen on the site, but I thought I'd spell it out to: 60% off sale is going on now on a ton of stuff on the site (men's and women's) as we anticipate fall deliveries.

Unfortunately we can't apply styleforum to sale items, but there are some good deals nonetheless. Take a look!

shopjake men's sale:
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had an excellent online shopping experience a couple of days ago. Emily was really helpful. Thank you!
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Nice. I let Emily know. Thanks, Badseeds.

Thanks in part to the couple of comments I got here regarding splitting the NEW ARRIVALS categories, I expedited this change and it is now live. We also added a new 3.1 Phillip Lim black leather attache to the men's section:
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OK! We've gone to final markdowns on the site -- 70% off all sale items. The styleforum code can't be used on sale and all sales are final (no returns, refunds, exchanges). So if you have fit questions about anything, please let me know and we'll get measurements to you! Happy hunting.
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generally how much is it to ship a pair of jeans to canada?

I tried checking by going through the checkout, but apparently I'd have to submit the order first to get a quote.
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Jake, can you tell me the measures on that medium Trovata sweater? Mainly just the pit-to-pit and the length from the armhole to the bottom. And it's navy, not black, right?
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hey blank -- yes, the Monsoon sweater is Navy. I emailed you measurements per your email!


goffeebeans: We've been having trouble with shipping to Canada -- the Canadian government has been imposing huge import taxes if we ship UPS Standard. We've started shipping expedited delivery and it seems to be working. The Expedited cost is around $30 USD. Believe it or not, this actually ends up saving you money.

If you want to try something else, USPS or another carrier, we will, but we can't guarantee delivery.

Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts on it.
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Some new men's for fall is in:

3.1 Phillip Lim and a Nom de Guerre windbreaker
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We got some new computer bags in. They are pricey, but amazing -- high quality leather with canvas lining. They are made by Want Agency (the showroom that reps Nudie) under the monicker WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie. Take a look; they fit up to a 17" laptop.

Want bags:
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i've seen the want product in person and it's very nice streamlined classic design and good quality ... and canadian of all things

you made a good choice with the trudeau bag as it's much better than their de gaulle bag, which is really odd in its size

their narita i pod holder case is really cool though too
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yeah, we are getting the iPod holder as well ... for some reason it didn't make it into the delivery. I'm a fan of really clean, simple bags and the Want bags are simply perfect in that regard. The leather is fantastic and there's a ton of room. Love the colors too.

I think the De Gaulle is really interesting, but definitely more of a top-loader, perhaps more awkward to hand-carry.

I just added some new Band of Outsiders (finally!) and the Common Projects Achilles Slip-On in Silver, for anyone looking. New Jean Shop denim will be up later this evening.

Band of Outsiders:

Common Projects:
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JC, I first saw the ipod holder about two months ago and must say it is the only one I would buy, very elegant.

My question is I hear they have a camera bag coming out, do you have any spy pics?
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Let me see what I can dig up.
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