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Sandro Suits

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Does anyone know whether Sandro suits/jackets are fully canvasses, partly canvassed or fused? I asked at a department store and then the Sandro shop and both times the sales people were somewhat perplexed by my question. Lovey jacket, fits great but I've had a previous bad experience with fused clothing and before I drop the cash would like to know the construction. tia
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Been a while since I handled them, but they were garbage when I did. I'd be shocked if they weren't fused. They're the epitome of fashion/trend over style, and the construction is likely commensurate with that.
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I had my suspicions. I also tried one from The Kopple. Nice construction, partly canvassed. It's just the jacket seemed a little short at the waist. Any suggestions on a nicely made jacket in the $500-700 range. Or suit to $1000'ish. I'm thin but with a bit of an athletic shape. Not looking custom. Thx
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They are certainly not known here which says a great deal.
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Sandro. Yes, I searched and not much about them. French. Let me be clear though; the cut and fit, for me, was killer and that might just be enough if I can't find anything similar in my price range. I'm looking at Brooks Bros Milano cut. Looks nice but need to try it.
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Jess, are you located in France? Happy to provide more tailored (excuse the pun) suggestions based on location.
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Oh no, I'm actually in New York, so no excuses I suppose, lol. Any suggestions from around the globe greatly appreciated:) I'm starting to see there's a trade off between fit, construction and price with only two of those three being a reality for me.
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Isn,t there a suitsupply store in NY?
The Jort model is fully canvased and a really nice Style.
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Sandro isn't necessarily pure evil, depending on the place you intend to use it. And that place is the nightclub, not work.

I second the commenter above that it's purely for fashion. I own a black Sandro blazer bought on sale for ~$250 at Bloomingdales that I bring traveling and for clubs etc. t's perfect for those occasions in that I don't care if a drink spills on it and I'm aiming for a fashion-forward look. The fit is excellent, I get components on it all the time and girls love it.

But I would never wear it for business or any situation that required a classic look. The aggressive waist suppression and peak lapels make it an excellent fashion look but completely inappropriate for meeting clients.

In terms of quality... Well, It's almost certainly fused. I would only buy it on sale (which happens frequently at Bloomingdales and gilt/myhabit). The $250 I paid is probably the max one should pay. But I needed a club jacket and this fits the bill perfectly. The fabric on mine is pretty decent, but the construction is unquestionably subpar relative to any decent suit. Dropping $1k on a Sandro suit would not be good value in my mind.

Hope this helps.
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If you're looking for a similar fit to Sandro and have time to stake out a deal, look at Jil Sander or Lanvin. The quality will be better, but the price isn't.
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I would be using the jacket for casual and business engagements on a limited basis, i.e. not everyday or even every week for that matter. The particular one I liked is $685 (jacket only) so I'm guessing it's not a very good value. I will try to wait for something to come on sale. Problem is my size is fairly common and sale items tend to be sold out. I will have a look at Jil Sander and Lanvin and also check out Suitsupply. Paul Smith (various lines) is also another option I might investigate.
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