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Knit ties?

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Anyone have any recommendations on silk knit ties. I saw one at J Crew Here, made in Italy that looked good. Any opinions or alternatives?
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I was going to suggest Lands' End, but it looks like J. Crew have a larger selection of colors, and they're five bucks cheaper. EDIT: Forgot about Ralph Lauren. There's always plenty of marked-down silk knits at my local RL outlet.
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Those knit ties are a preppy staple, and have been popping up at alot of places. You can get them at Ralph Lauren and Paul Stuart. I cant comment on RL's selection, other than I saw a few on my last visit to the Madison Ave. store. Paul Stuart has a collection of at least 20, if my memory serves correctly. In both solids and stripes. Price is $65.00, but I may be wrong about that.
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i know it's "selling" but i have barbera cashmere knits in blue, gold, and red for $25 each, retailed at 185, if you're interested lance
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"Superfly", despite your less than traditional movie past (haha), I assume that you now have the long-point button-down shirts and cuffed plain-front pants that stylistically work well with this item. I know you have the Alden cordovan loafers. Black is the traditional color for this tie and goes with everything. Make sure that there is a lining (or fabric piece) under where you tie the tie-it helps with the knot. Try knotting one in a store before you buy-it's harder to get a good knot on this type of tie. I'd check out Purple Label for this item (there hasn't been a black one yet on Ebay, but there are other colors available).
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Yes, I have changed my style since my movie came out- far more traditional. No more wide brimmed fur hats. Thanks for the tie tip Style Student, black silk is the color/fabric of choice.
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