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Ll bean super 100s dress pants

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As I stated in a previous post, I am looking for a few pairs of flat front dress pants for work. I am going to be in a business casual job for about 9 months and I think I'd draw looks if I wore a suit EVERY day. After this job ends, Ill be in a "suit every day" job for quite a while. As such, I'm going to stay away from Incotex, etc. unless I can find them on deep discount -- I don't want to spend a mint on pants that I won't get much use out of after this year is over. This it seems is a tough chore because I wear a 32 waist, and I rarely find flat front dress pants in my size at outlet prices. I happened to see these on LL Bean and thought it sounded like a decent fabric. I also like the range of colors (I'd probably just stick to the charcoal and navy, however). I've never tried on a pair, however, which is why I'm wondering if anyone has. They seem like they could be an economical purchase.
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I don't think you can go wrong with LL Bean if the price is right and what you're looking for is "workaday" tough slacks you can wear and not really worry about. I'd check out Brooks Brothers too (Brooks outlet).
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Brooks Brothers is as excellent suggestion, but you don't have to go outlet. They're having a big sale right now...
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Nine months is not a trivial amount of time.
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Along those lines, you could Land's End.
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I haven't tried the LL Bean pants but please let us know how you like them if you get them. I have started looking for some fall/winter pants and the ones you pointed out look like good work pants at a good price. The Lands' End 70s Year'rounders are also available as flat front. They are a bit less expensive at $60.
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I have a free shipping code for LL Bean, so I think I'll be ordering in the next couple of days. I'll let you all know. By the way, I almost bought some Calvin Klein Collection flat front wool pants at Off Fifth the other day for $80. Made in Italy and had a pretty good fit. But the pockets just kept gaping out. It made me look like I had women's hips. What is up with that?
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I just bought a $250 LL Bean gift card from Ebay for $160. So now I will definitely be ordering soon. (If the pants don't work out, I'm going to order a down comforter). Can't beat that deal on Ebay though.
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nice score on the gift card. i have ordered some of the 'washable wool' trousers from llbean. (i'm a little anxious about how they're going to look/feel, but my current lifestyle doesn't allow much time for dry cleaning runs.) also, RE land's end, they have their 'custom' trousers in various fabrics, might be worth a try. i've ordered some 'custom' chinos from them (again for washability). /andrew
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report: received the 'washable' wool trousers yesterday. they are thick and scratchy, with no lining in the legs. definitely not girly-man pants. but i like the look. i kept one pair for winter wear, but i doubt they'll see very much use because we don't have a long cold season. they'll probably last forever. /andrew - heading back to the drawing boards, for washable dress trousers.
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I might recommend some of the Corbin pants from Sierra Trading Post. They're having an additional 20 percent off of their bargain bin items. Many of the Corbin pants are in that group.
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Johnny, how do you like the pants? I was thinking of giving these a try or maybe their flannel pants. Thanks
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