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Packing a suit

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I've got to take a little trip soon, and I need to take along a suit. I've loaned someone else my garment bag, and I'd like to find out if there's a halfway decent way to pack a suit without a garment bag. I imagine that keeping it in some sort of plastic bag helps, but beyond that... Help.
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There is a wealth of reading on this on the forum but the basics are: 1) Turn your jacket inside out and fold it so that the one shoulder nests inside the other. 2) Stuff socks or underwear inside the shoulders to prevent crushing. 3) Fold the coat in half but try to keep the fold as thick as possible by putting the folded trousers inside. 4) Put plastic/drycleaning bags on top and below to prevent creasing. Works like a charm for me if the suitcase is not too stuffed. B
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Actually go to Louis Vuitton's website, and they have some videos instructing one how to pack a suit. Albeit that they tell you how to pack using Vuitton luggage.
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