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wedding outfit (my wedding)

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There are lots of things I'm stepping up to this year and sorting out a more grown-up look is one of them. I'm a mid-30s professional still dressing too often like a mid-20s student. A new job in the autumn is a good time to push ahead with my wardrobe change, which has been getting better slowly for a couple of years or so.

The big day looms, though: I'm getting married in a few months. Advice please! It's not a formal wedding, but I want to look very smart. I'm new--be gentle--I've been thinking a bit Daniel Craig as James Bond. Here's the plan and what I've already got...

Navy suit, two button (Nick Hart for Aquascutum in London sale: half price)
White shirt (I really splashed out here: Turnbull & Asser, made for me!)
Silver tie. Is this an awful idea? I think dark silver, very plain, but I've not seen one yet.
Shoes: I think I dislike black shoes and I don't own any good ones. Is dark brown okay?
Belt: I have only a cheap jeans belt, but thought the suit looked good without a belt anyway. I think I might dislike belts too.
Socks: I used to have the most awful cartoon socks and now I wear only black ones. Is this sounding bad with navy suit and maybe brown shoes? Should those be navy socks?

Chip in and help if you can! Thanks.
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It's all really perfect, except for the brown shoes. If you want to do it "right", get a pair of plain black cap toes. For reference, identical to the EG model "Chelsea". Either that or Berkeley, which has punching just on the toe cap seam. Every maker makes these models. They are dead on perfect for a wedding, and for all kinds of formal events that lie ahead.

I am not the biggest fan of black shoes for day to day wear either, but they do have their uses, and your own wedding is definitely one of them.
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I found StyleForum for the same reason: the search for advice on proper wedding attire. In that search, I stumbled on this... Our Dear Manton's Wedding Attire ...which, lucky for you, points out the fact that you are indeed headed in the right direction.
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1. Congrats.
2. The tie could work, although my own preference would be for something more muted. But really, you should go with what works with the suit and shirt.
3. I sort of agree with Manton's comments about shoes, although I'm a little more pro-brown in this context than he is. But perhaps if you look into it you'll find you don't really hate black shoes, you just hate crappy black shoes. A pair of sleek, well-polished black cap toes will, indeed, look excellent.
4. Definitely get a belt that matches the shoes, or else go with braces. Unless you decide to go with cartoon socks as some sort of tribute to your old self, get some navy socks, as close in shade to your suit as you can manage. Don't wear the black, regardless of your shoe color.
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Unless it's a very casual affair, I second the motion to get black shoes (bals, not bluchers please).

Silver tie sounds nice (no fancy patterns and not too dark though).

Navy socks - no negotiations. Burn all your black socks.

Get a nice dress belt in black calf too.

You'll look serious yet festive with the silver tie. And don't forget the pocket square: plain white linen should be fine. Congratulations!
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Macclesfield tie.
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I do wish Sam Hober would offer some black/silver toned Macclesfields. Hello, David - are you out there?
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Thanks everyone. I shall post a pic or three in four weeks (which is when my shirt will be ready to collect). Black shoes it is. I shall start looking for these and my tie next week. Are black socks for everyday wear simply dull, then?
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Originally Posted by steppingup View Post
Are black socks for everyday wear simply dull, then?

Yes. Although there are worse things.
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I am with lawyer dad on the dark brown shoes thing. However, I also understand the preference for black bals. If your budget does not lend itself to EG, the AE Park Avenue is in the ball park.
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I would also recommend looking into a pocket square. You could do something in a silverish, but you don't want it to exactly match the time. A crisp linen white might be the answer.
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You have no idea how happy you made Manton by coming in with a blue suit in mind and saving him the trouble of talking you into one.
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Originally Posted by Edward Appleby View Post
You have no idea how happy you made Manton by coming in with a blue suit in mind and saving him the trouble of talking you into one.

Maybe he does. After all, it's just possible that he searched and read some of the 16,000 threads on this subject, and then actually suggested an outfit that reflected that advice...

In any case, if you don't want a belt, I'd at least wear suspenders.
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Go for the black shoes--they'll look more formal. And buy yourself some nice navy socks--sillk and wool or something like that. Don't ruin a good look with crummy socks.
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Navy socks for sure, OTC so you won't have socks falling down.

Find a pattern for some style.
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