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Los Angeles Bespoke


When we’re talking about American bespoke, we’re usually talking about New York City, or, in rare cases (hi2u Despos) Chicago. But what about Los Angeles? For such a large city, there must be several tailors producing high-end bespoke clothing, right? Well, let’s take this journey together, and post in this thread and find out.


Recent Kops


I never knew there was a clothing-style recent purchases thread for libations, but welp, here it is. I always love seeing the mix between high-end and low-end purchases: next to that rare bottle of Pappy 15 that required six hours standing in line and some elbows to eager midsections you have a $15 bottle of red wine. And who are we to judge which one is better? With alcohol, you probably can make the argument either way.


Thanks For Nothing


If we imagine StyleForum as a resource – a place where anyone can come to learn about clothing – then we certainly have an obligation to discuss the unpleasant interactions we’ve had with retailers. So, here’s this thread, a way for you to share what customer service problems you have when ordering clothing or dealing with purchase problems.