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I provided them with measurements from existing garments I owned and the results did not require a remake. The first suit had some small sleeve pitch problems and could have done with a reduced chest, which Amy pointed out and fixed for my second order. As I did a CMT order, a remake was not possible but I was very pleased with the work that went into each of the pieces. 

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I also supplied precise measurements from a bespoke garment made in Sydney, and my commissions from Amy (three so far) have also not required adjustment/remaking. Turnover time was a few weeks each time, but that can vary depending on how busy they are and the time of year you place your order. They do CMT work, or you can access their extensive range of fabrics. I always go with fabrics their Huddersfield range, which provide an excellent product for suits or sport coats at a fantastic price. If you're flush with funds, however, you can also choose from any of their more expensive fabrics from a plethora of suppliers.
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I have to say my experience with Matthew Aperry was not so great. Ordered a custom shirt to wear to my wedding and the good news is that the shirt arrived in 2 weeks as promised, the quality was good and it fit. Bad news, they made the shirt with French cuffs instead of the 2 button square cuff I ordered and they did not monogram the cuff as I requested. I was willing to overlook the lack of monogram but I hate French cuffs. Problem was I could not send it back for another shirt because it was 4 days prior to my wedding and there wasn't time to ship it back to China and wait for them to ship me the shirt with the specifications I ordered. Long story short, I had to use cufflinks and wear the shirt, no big deal.

My issue is the poor customer service I received when I notified them about the problem. They would not take responsibility for the mistakes initially and said it was my fault. I was livid. Then after several emails they finally admitted that it was their error for not making the cuff as I had ordered. Even so, they would not make any effort to correct the error, offering me a free tie with my next order. Next order?! I said I just wanted them to send me the shirt as I ordered it. Then they offered a free shirt if I ordered a suit. Basically they would only make an attempt to write THEIR wrong if I spent more money with them.

In addition, they tried to bully me into giving them a good review, stating that they would honor their offer of a free tie with my next shirt order or free shirt with an order for a suit if I gave them a good review. I refused since I didn't think it fair to ask me to give a good review when they did nothing to make my experience with them a good one.

So that being said, beware of the good reviews you see on their website and maybe many others because they are probably written by Matthew Aperry staffers or by other customers who allowed themselves to be bullied into it in order to have their issues addressed by customer service.



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