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My best man wants to wear square-toeds to wedding

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My best man is intent on getting a pair of square toe dress shoes to wear for my wedding.  And, by square toe I don't mean like the Ed Green 89 last, but rather a "true" square toe that draws the ire of so many on this board.  He is wearing a black Corneliani linea sartoria suit that I found for him, so he's got a real good shot to look very dapper here.  Granted, the guy can't afford a super expensive pair of shoes, but with the deals out there right now, I have found some stuff that would look great IMO and still have a bit of "style" without looking god awful "trendy."  For example, these Brooks Brother shoes (the shoes are the "leather oxford" on the far right second row that are currently $134) that with my 15% discount coupon would come to about $125 after shipping.  When he saw these on the web (I showed them to him) he said, I want something that is more squared off.   Aren't these squared off already, dude?   So, my question is, should I try to suggest that a really squared toe is going to look stupid with a SUIT -- he's never really worn a suit before so it may just be that he thinks what looks good with his jeans will look good with a suit -- or should I just let it go?  He's mentioned that he needs a good pair of dress shoes anyways, so it's not like the BB shoes would be something he doesn't need anyways.
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John, Let him dress himself and pick out his own shoes. Unless he's grossly inapropriate, or asks you for input, what he wears is his choice. Best men are chosen because the groom can rely upon them in a number of ways in preparation for and during the wedding. Rely on his own good judgement. He's already picked out a great suit and has chosen to be a good friend to you. You can relax and pay attention to more important details of you wedding. I can almost guarantee, that what may be obviously sartorially "stupid" to you will be totally out of the awareness of most everyone else at the wedding. BTW, congrats.
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I agree with the others -- Let him wear his own stupid shoes. As long as they are black leather like you and other groomsmen are wearing, don't sweat it. Too many other things to worry about. Being the best man is a pain in the ass, stressful job. If you're not careful, he'll make a joke about the shoes during his best man speech.
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Yes, let him wear his own shoes. You just worry about how you look. If he's not completely off base and wearing something like clown shoes which will distract from the ceremony, then it's no big deal. (anyway, you don't want him to look better than you.) Reminds me of a Jerry Seinfeld joke: "If he's the Best Man, then why isn't the bride marrying him? Seems to me, that it should be, The Groom, and a Pretty Good Man."
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reminds me of the saying, "friends don't let friends wear squared toe shoes..." let him learn from his mistakes, and you can lead by example. The the rest of the guys make a good point too, the best man should not steal the show. That is why the bridesmaids are made to wear those ridiculous comstumes. best, IG
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Okay, I agree with with you all. I just wanted confirmation that the "friends don't let friends . . . " is sort of a joke. Thanks.
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He should probably be wearing round or chisel toed balmorals, and not some wierd Norwegian blucher anyway, if you want to get really picky. I say let the man make his own fashion statement. I plan to let my guys wear whatever they want. The only rule is that everyone in the wedding party wears matte black (to dissuade my shantung silk loving buddies.) I'm secretly hoping that I will have a mismatched party, and that at least one my my groomsmen (my bros and some friends) will take the opportunity to express their bizarre selves. I'd like to look at pictures in the future and be able to say "What was X thinking anyway wearing a mandarin jacket with a wing collar and a bowtie. Was he actually trying to strangle himself?"
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johnny, You are correct, the actual saying is "friend don't let friends drive drunk," but the squared toe shoe version had a nice ring to it so i just threw it in there. As far as it being a joke, i guess it could be, on your friend that is. Best, IG
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what size?
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