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Thanks for the kind words : ) 


The collection is shipping to NY from the London store tomorrow, so should be in the DSM NY by the 25th. 





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So guys...


We're beginning to get some new deliveries from some awesome designers like Matthew Miller and Stephan Schneider which will be online in the next couple of weeks.


For the moment though, our SUMMER SALE is still in full swing! We've got up to 50% off right now, and as a big thanks for all your support and kind words out there, we thought we'd extend our friends and family discount out to all you guys, 


Just enter FRIENDSNFAMILY when your checking out to receive a further 15% off all sale and non sale purchases. 


Enjoy the sun : ) 



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i've been meaning to ask when the new SS stuff was going to drop, very excited to see what AW brings
i remember anthony from MMM days. nice guy and very knowledgeable.
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Just to give you a quick heads up, Other-Shop will be going into final clearance for SS14 next week.

We wanted to give you guys an earlybird extra 25% off. Hopefully you'll find something you like.
Just enter the code "PRESALESCORCHER" when checking out.

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Hey Guys,

Hope you all had wonderful weekends, if you are feeling the Monday blues then we have a little something to cheer you up... 


Christophe Lemaire AW14 has just dropped online with some great pieces to guide you from summer to winter in style.  



T-shirting Wool Top 

Convertible Collar Shirt 

T-shirting Wool Top 

Drawstring Pleat Trousers

Kaftan Coat 


Do let us know what you think of the new collection, 




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Is the styleforum code for 15% off no longer valid? Didn't work when I tried it on those new Dr Martens boots you put up - they look really nice, especially in that fit pic you posted above.

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Hey @Benjaminba


The code is still valid, however it is only valid on full price items and will not work in conjunction with any other codes or offers. Let me know if you need any help? 


Was it just the DM's you had in mind? They're such a great shape! Looking forward to seeing your order : ) 





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Hey Guys, 

Hope you're all having a great week...


A few of you may be familiar with the German label A Kind Of Guise, but for those of you that aren't here's a little background history; A Kind Of Guise started off as a student project during the summer of 2009. What began as nothing more than creating some special one off pieces for friends and relatives, soon developed into something much bigger. From those beginnings up until today, A Kind Of Guise's focus is on creating something they love.



Made entirely in Germany, so they can keep a close eye on their high standards of production and always with the best fabrics (Italian wools for tailoring etc) Although relatively new to the market, have exploded onto the scene with a bang! 



This season The Guise traveled back to the fascinating boroughs of Istanbul and let this ancient yet at the same time radically modern city has to offer, influence them. Deciding to try out new combinations of cuts and fabrics, striving to capture those same elements of surprise and contrasts, which Istanbul is known for, in the garments.



Classic workwear jackets come in luxurious Harris Tweed fabrics and seemingly dressy coats are cut from technical fabrics, lending them a functional quality.

Silhouettes and looks throughout the collection continue to mix casual with workwear and business attire, as neatly tailored suits, sports jackets and camel hair coats are paired with 16 oz moleskin trousers, washed-out German cargo shirts and waterproof macs, but always with a strong sense of style and character.

Shirt fabrics are mainly of Italian origin, in poplin and flannel cotton qualities as well as new interesting woven structures and indigo dyeing.



What's more, I'll let you into a little secret... To celebrate the UK Bank Holiday and Carnival weekend in London, we're offering £40 off any purchase over £200 so there's never been a better time to discover A Kind Of Guise! Just enter the code GETLIVELY when checking out to claim your discount : ) 


Click here to check out the A Kind Of Guise drop: http://bit.ly/1a5ZkRR


Cheers guys 



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Hey guys, 


This week we have got our co-owner Kirk fashioning his current favourites down at Kingly Street, with pieces from AW14 Lemaire, Miller and A Kind of Guise... What do you think of his choices?


Our Legacy Black Wool Rolling Blazer
Our Legacy Rolling Turtle Neck
Ian Batten Dogtooth Pleated Trousers


OTHER/man Albert Buffalo check
Christophe Lemaire Convertible Collar Shirt
A Kind Of Guise Navy Tuz Trousers


A Kind Of Guise Delight Wool Blazer
Matthew Miller Spray Can with White Tee
A Kind Of Guise Grey Tuz Trousers 

Dr Martens M.I.E Derby Shoe



How would you wear it?



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I like the way he wears it, but I would never wear it like that.  I know that this clean look, paired with narrow shoulders, and volume through the body and hips, and going down to a taper, with slim shoes, or sometimes chunky, creeper style shoes, is really popular right now, but I don't really do clean very well, and I definitely can't wear that silhouette.  

My personal style is a lot more heritage sportswear and western influenced - er, think if Visvim had been a Canadian brand - so, a lot of the same elements, but with less whimsy, and more wilderness.  I would wear the pieces with a more straight up and down silhouette, and with much more layering, much fewer clean lines. and a lot more blues and greys and fewer blacks.  If you look at the way A Kind of Guise was styled in the AW2012 (http://akindofguise.com/aw-02-2012/) and AW2013 (http://akindofguise.com/autumn-winter-2013/), both set in cold places, the first in remote country, the second in a famously cold, industrial city, are styled, that's probably how I'd wear a lot of the clothing that you guys carry.  

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why so sad kirk?
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

why so sad kirk?

Probably one too many guys going into the store and asking if they carry Common Projects, and whether or not they would be on sale.

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^ because london is freezing/rainy, and it's only mid-August
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one of my friends who owns several cigar shops in london comes to LA for five weeks every year just left and every time he does he complains about the weather there, didn't realize it's just that bad

poor kirk
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Is this just an issue on my end? When I add something from the sale page to my cart it returns to full price.
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