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London based furniture maker and firm member of the OTHER/family, Dean Edmonds has found himself propelled to the top of everyone's "one to watch" list in recent months. 

With his organic industrial signatures and clever use of found materials catching the eyes of Inventory Magazine, we thought we'd take a look back at our home visit with Dean from the OTHER/blog archives... 


Pop by OTHER/shop to check out more of Deans work.







Check out more Deans work over here: http://www.deanedmonds.co.uk 

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good stuff, thanks for posting this!
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Catching up with Christophe Lemaire : Part One


Menswear writer David Hellqvist talks sportswear versus luxury goods with the French designer and finds out what iconic musicians inspired his current collection



If you stop, look closer and analyse the brands Christophe Lemaire has worked with in the past, and the ones he currently collaborates with, you will find at least four very different organisations, operating in polar opposite sartorial theatres. Lemaire did Haute Couture at Christian LaCroix, sportswear at Lacoste, luxury goods at Hermès…. and wearabe staple pieces with a twist at his namesake label. If nothing else, Lemaire is a versatile designer, we have to give him that.



Born in Besancon, France, in 1965, Lemaire has always been a ‘designer’s designer’. His brand and collections aren’t household names, more like favourite secrets that the industry insiders have chosen to keep on a ‘need to know’ basis. His own brand has been going since 1991, and – like his own development – you can see it maturing over the years, helped by the lessons learnt at Hermès and Lacoste.

Currently, arguably at his creative peak, Lemaire has not only managed to establish his characteristic look but also to perfect the concept of ‘wardrobe designing’. Every season his collections are full of those ‘I need this’ pieces, not in a trend-led kind of way, but like garments you can see yourself appreciate year after year. This time around that’s visible in oversized woven T-shirts, pleated trousers, drawstring denim trousers, leather slippers and roomy Caban pea coats. In order to establish the fundamental ethos behind the brand, and to find out what was behind Lemaire’s current SS14 season, we tracked him down in Paris and put a few questions to him…



David: You design a wardrobe rather than trends, how does that affect the design process?

Christophe: I like to improve existing pieces but I’m also very excited in creating new volumes – the process is very organic and straightforward.


David: Would you say it’s more about refining classics in that case?

Christophe: Exactly. It’s all about improving the volume, refining the details, the finishings. All those little things that make a garment desirable and long lasting.

David: What is your design process like for a collection?

Christophe: I have the most simple relationship to fashion. I always ask myself the essential question: ‘What do I want to wear today and what will I want to wear tomorrow’? I’m also very curious to know what people are expecting from a garment and what are our customer’s comments. I’m very curious get have feedback, it helps improving the next collection.

David: Do you work with literal inspiration and, in that case, what influenced the SS14 collection?

Christophe: I was, and always am, very influenced by musicians and their style and attitude, like David Bowie and Echo & the Bunnymen, David Byrne and Ian Curtis, to name a few. The Spring Summer collection is an essential and bright wardrobe for every-day life. Black washed cotton sets, inspired by the Vietnamese army, enrich the base of the vestiaire. Pyjamas like uniforms shall be worn out in town or at home, day and night. The volumes are generous and the pockets are conceived to free your hands for the summer holidays.

David: You’ve worked with Lacoste and Hermès, in many ways two polar opposites. Can you name one main thing that each collaboration taught you, and that has helped your own brand?

Christophe: I don’t think they’re polar opposites. Lacoste and Hermès, historically, designed sport chic garments since the 20s. They both have a beautiful heritage and a DNA of relaxed elegance. Of course materials, distribution and the philosophy differ but the roots have something in common. Lacoste taught me to work within a commercial reality and Hermès’ beautiful history of craftsmanship and attention to detail is very inspiring and demanding.

David: Lacoste does sportswear and Hermès is all about luxury – how do you describe and define your own brand?

Christophe: We want to design a very qualitative vestiaire made to last, and that is wearable for a diverse range of individuals who are more interested in style than fashion. Clothes are made in fabrics made to last. They are convertible and hybrid. The brand is very free, very much about the present… Its rules are always reinvented.

Keep your eyes peeled for the second part of the post coming soon... In the meantime, if you want to check out our Christophe drop, click here to take a look: http://bit.ly/1odWZtA

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What piece is this jacket/kimono thing?


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Hi, the piece in this image is the double breasted suit jacket. We don't have the exact style available but the caban jacket is very similar, you can view on the link below - http://www.other-shop.com/christophe-lemaire-caban-peacoat.html let me know if you have any other queries best will
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Hi Will,


Would you be willing to get into why you decided to produce your own OTHER line in addition to the brands you are carrying? Did you feel like something was missing, or did you want to focus more on doing British made products? Really like that seersucker shirt.


kudos you guys as well for sticking with a specific look for Other shop and not just stocking whatever brands are popular that season *cough* mr porter *cough*

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Damn I want that grey silk blazer on your site
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Happy to comment regarding our own label. OTHER/man was started for a combination of reason's, firstly we felt that we worked with such a high calibre of hugely talented designers that we should select the signature and strength of their collections, rather than the simpler, safer peices. This resulted in the need for a more accessible, well priced brand, with most of the established brands at this level already heavily distributed, we felt that there was a space to create an edited exclusive collection, produced through small UK based manafacturers, directly inspired by the needs of our consumer. We also felt with season's becoming completely irrelevant and selling shorts in the winter and knitwear in the summer, to have a collection that supplied the relevant seasonal garment was essential. Due to the initial reaction and success of the label, we are looking to expand the offer and OTHER/man will enter a limited partnership with premium level international retailers but we will not venture into wholesale. Our first partnership is with Dover Street Market and launches in June in London, NY and Tokyo


also, thanks for the compliments, the selection is very personal and we try to ensure any new brand added to the selection has a reason to be there.... we will aim to keep this ethos and avoid the offer readily available





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it's a great blazer and only limited amount left, time to treat yourself ! here's the STYLE FORUM members code which entitles you to 15% discount, just add STYLEFORUM15 at checkout





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Following on from last weeks post, here's the conclusion to David Hellqvist's interview with one of our favourite and most celebrated designers, Christophe Lemaire...  

David: Your clothes often look loose and comfortable – is versatile functionality important to you?

Christophe: Yes, it’s important to feel comfortable! You move differently when you have room, like in a spacious home. . .

David: Tailoring is a big part of your collections, but it feels ‘alternative’ in many ways – what role do you think the suit plays today?

Christophe: My tailoring is very comfortable, it’s loose, slightly oversized, sometimes as light as as shirt. I like the elegance of the suit and the way it can change your behaviour when you wear one.


David: Are you more comfortable designing men’s clothes or womenswear?

Christophe: It’s a different process. As I said earlier, I design the men’s collection very selfishly. I design the womenswear with Sarah-Linh, and she also has this very pragmatic vision of the vestiaire. She knows what women are expecting from a garment!

David: Can you talk a bit about the colours and fabrics you chose for the season?

Christophe: The colours [ginger, mahogany, honey, blue-green and ash grey] look like they have been faded by the summer sun, year after year and they’re inspired by Luigi Guirri’s photographs. We used a lot of cottons and blends of cotton and linens, a beautiful Japanese selvedge denim, as well as an archive Japanese suiting fabric with a hint of the 50s. And a lot of cotton muslin for the hot summer days…


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Hey Guys, 

Hope everyone out there had excellent weekends! 


We wouldn't want to assume what the weather had in store where ever you were, but in London, it's heating up!

Definitely time to shed those jackets and show off the new seasons shirts, but with it being our biggest category this season, there's (almost) too many to choose from... 


Thankfully Kirk and Anthony, at our store on London's Kingly St were at hand to select a few of their favourites.


What are your must have shirts this season? 



Anthony's picked two of our more unusual, less classic styles from Christophe Lemaire (on the left) and Ian Batten (on the right) both pieces playing with proportions and giving an otherwise quite ordinary outfit a very contemporary feel.




Kirk's feeling especially summery with his picks from Our Legacy (to the left) and Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes (to the right) both these styles look especially good layered over a simple tee and worn as an an alternative to a light jacket, or on cooler evenings under a blazer can really add some interest to an otherwise subdued look.


We're really keen to hear your thoughts on the guys picks and are always open to suggestions from you guys, so don't be shy... 





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We've got a little treat for you this weekend...

As it's friday, we've decided to extend our flash sale a few more days. But shhhhh it's on the down low! 


What are you lusting after this weekend? Are you hitting the stores or just hitting the bar? ; )  

We've picked out our favourite look for the weekend from our flash sale selection. What do you guys think?


Take a look at the flash sale here:  http://bit.ly/SXQcYh



Stephan Schneider Pressure Jacket and HAiK shoes 



A Kind Of Guise Trousers and Stephan Schneider Scarf 




Steve Mono Tote and Stephan Schneider Shirt 

Cheers guys, 


Have great weekends, where ever you are... 



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Hey Guys,


Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


We're just getting ready to enter our Summer Sale and wanted to give all SF members a sale preview.







Enter " STYLEFORUM40 " for 40% off any product in the links above.


Hope you find something you like.




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Truly supporting creativity and independence is absolutely paramount to our vision, something that we believe is shared by a small handful of others out there, none more so than visionary London retail space; Dover Street Market.

Which is why, we’re very proud to announce the launch of the OTHER/man-DSM capsule collection. Available exclusively from Dover Street Market London, Tokyo and New York.





As with everything else produced by OTHER, we’ve created this collection in small quantities, entirely in the UK, ensuring we can keep a close eye on the journey of each garment from start to finish. Any little tweaks here and there, we’ve made them. But don’t take our word for it, get down to Dover Street Market London and check it out for yourselves in our very own corner lovingly crafted by Tom Finch….




Keep your eyes peeled for this one! 





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congrats guys, very cool. can I see this at DSM NY yet?
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