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*** OTHER/shop London - Official Affiliate Thread ***

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OTHER/shop was founded in September 2012 by former b STORE co founders, Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattie, through their desire and commitment to supporting creativity. The store swiftly became London’s premier destination for fashion and design. Our unique offer of emerging and new design talent, mixed with more established brands and in house label OTHER/man then grew to establish a reputation as a key independent voice. Independence is at the heart of OTHER/shop and as a result of this vision our community has continue to grow and we now want to explore extending the community through forums and social networks with like minded individuals.


We are proud to join STYLEFORUM thread as we feel the community has a common link with the attention to detail, considered selection of products and brands that OTHER/shop offer. The high standard of personal and knowledgeable service will support the community, we intend to develop relationships with STYLEFORUM members and we invite you to become part of the OTHER/family.


With personal access to designers, brands and creative’s inspiration’s the content posted will be original and interesting. In depth conversations, exclusive imagery and products are all elements of the resources we have to enable us to increase our understanding of the communities needs.


We look forward to becoming an active feed of inspiration for the STYLE FORUM community……..


Our premiere post is an exclusive introduction to a long-standing member of the OTHER/shop family, OUR LEGACY. We speak intimately with Christopher Nying, the creative director behind the brand about his relationship with artists and the role this has within his creative process. 


We would also like to extend an introductory discount for all STYLEFORUM members - Enter STYLEFORUM15 for 15% off.


Thanks to Fok and the rest of the guys for allowing us to be part of this great community.













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Thanks for being a part of the community, Will. I know that some members have questions about the sit, VAT deduction at checkout, etc...

Here is your chance, guys,


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And thanks for the coupon code.
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No worries. Happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

Just to touch on the VAT deduction, 20% of the basket total will come off automatically for all orders outside of the EU.

The 15% introductory discount will also be deducted when the code is entered at checkout.

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Very glad to see you here. As someone who lives in London I like your buys, particularly Stephan Schneider and Akindofguise. Wish you would carry more Schneider knits smile.gif
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Thank you for the kind words. In response, we have widened our selection with both Stephan Schneider and A Kind of Guise for AW14, including some very strong knits from Stephan. We also have an exciting exclusive project that we are launching next season with Stephan, we will keep you up to date. Will

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In the first set of our designer catch up series, as mentioned in our opening post, we met up with Our Legacy creative director, Christopher Nying to chat about the new Spring Summer 2014 images, shot by Ola Rinal. 


Our Legacy - Part I



1. The title of this season’s collection is ‘radiant flux’, can you explain the meaning behind the reference?

We looked at the idea of “overexposing” the clothes. This inspiration was taken from photography/polaroids that were not correctly developed, and I wanted to adapt this feeling into garments, so we faded indigos almost into white, tie-dyed nylons and used the idea that the garment almost looks fragile, or ‘wrongly developed’. Together with this part of the collection, we also started to make protective garments for contrast, or at least, garments with the look of protective clothing, in order to attain the idea of a chemical laboratory, where some garments feel like liquids or ingredients or powder, and where some garments feel protective.





2. Our Legacy look books are often collaborations with art photographers, is the process of working with a creative outside the fashion world important to your vision for the brand?

Yes, right now it has been important for the brand to get different energy and perspective to what we do with the clothing. We would love to do this more but as always the time is short in fashion. Another interesting collaboration was with Akane Moriyama (Fabric Artist) that made an installation for our stores, intrepeted Radiant Flux into space and envoirment.




3. Is the collaborator involved at the conception of the collection or once the collection is produced - 

Normally it starts for him/her when a collection is produced / sampled – but it would be highly interesting to start a concept with a collaborator, from ground concept.



4. This season you have chose to work with Ola Rindal, what is it about his work you are drawn to -

Ola Rindal balances sharp photography together with diffuse photo which makes him very versatile. He is spontaneous and many of his images “questions” more than they tell.




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$50usd for shipping is quite absurd.

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We are working on improving the shipping costs. Unfortunately due to the size of our business we are currently charged the highest rate by our shipping provider and actually don't pass on the full cost to our customers. We aim to be competetive and therefore deduct the 20% tax from all US orders and hope that the introduction discount goes some way to compensate initially while we work on improving the cost for our customers
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Originally Posted by einstine View Post

$50usd for shipping is quite absurd.

try to be less of a dick to people who are trying to provide you a premium service at a loss.
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class is underrated these days
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Originally Posted by toothsomesound View Post

try to be less of a dick to people who are trying to provide you a premium service at a loss.

Can you explain this premium service?

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Geez, I think that this was explained. Courier services charge depending on volume.
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^right, eg, little boutique in london that maybe ships a handful of packages to the US a week is not going to be able to do it with any kind of freight discount that you would see from a larger company. also many (bigger) online stores fake this and eat the difference but for some that's out of the question. international shipping is a premium service. especially doing it with luxury goods.

anyway. very cool feature from other shop and our legacy, looking forward to more of these.
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As promised... 


Here's the second instalment of our catch up series, with Our Legacy's creative director Christopher Nying, getting behind the scenes of the SS14 Lookbook shoot with Ola Rinal.



5. OTHER/shop are big fans of the aesthetic direction of Our Legacy imagery, the suggestion of clothes in the images rather than conventional look books is far more interesting, is this a conscious decision - 

Yes, since we don´t do catwalk shows, it was an early decision to communicate in a different way. Having Photography books in mind,  we early believed that this will balance our product and expression in the best way. We think there is an energy there that matches what we do.



6. When working with a collaborator are they given creative freedom or is the art direction still initiated by you - 

Its different from time to time. But while shooting we need to trust the photographer, even if he got some kind of brief before, we normally want to leave him/her to get another expression/expectation and that he/she feels free to explore. One of the first we did, with Vivianne Sassen (SOL&LUNA), was completely her direction. We sent her clothes and she played around in her way – then we produced the book editing her images with our clothes.

7. In this season’s look book you chose to work with only 1 model is the character presented within the images important, is this your perception of the Our Legacy man - 

It´s complex when it comes to models or “the face”, since we normally don´t work after a certain style. We focus on the product, colors, treatments, material first, and try to get a product concept. Since we never was very interested in “Iconic Style” – there is no certain face for Our Legacy. Ofcorse we like Axel (ss14) Nash and Tobias (aw14) – because they have character, so we try to look at character rather than a “pretty” face.

8. In our experience the Our Legacy man is not typical fashion consumer but someone who understands considered, timeless dressing, what is it that drew you to creating, what we perceive as , non fashion collections  -

We like the idea of creating something that appeals both aware customer and less aware customers – to create dimensions – clothing that can be seen in different contexts or envoirments. We would like to call it non-segregated style – where you present simple garments as a greymelange sweatshirt (the first piece we ever did) – to get different meanings, not only one occasion. We think its important to leave the freedom of choice – we do not try to choose for you.

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