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still not one piece like the RMs!

I'm afraid I'm lost here.....
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I believe he is talking about the seam below the gore.
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Ron, can the ankle boot at the bottom of page 2 be made with a taller height please? I like that last/toe shape the most.
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Love the new wingtip!! show me monks.. singles, doubles.. anything. and I can't wait to see the swatches of Brandy, British Tan and #6... I've seen Horween's #4 and I love Mahogani.... I'm so going to spend my whole mid year bonus on this program. Who needs an extra week in Hawaii when you can custom design a selection of Shell shoes???
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You are fast, thanks for the quick pics.
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Sorry for the lack of progress today....I honestly did not expect the amount of PM's and requests/reservations before I even had a chance to get it organized in the proper way...thank you! Very much!

I am working on the existing requests....everyone that emailed/PM'd will be, if not already, set up with all the information required asap....I will then take a day or two to develop a proper way to communicate all this information regarding the Shell Cordovan Specials for everyone to see and navigate through easily. Email to riders5r at comcast dot net is the preferred method of communication. Please feel free to continue to pilfer images and send to me for an appraisal...I have particularly enjoyed some of the paint sketches!

Please allow me to take every request and communicate properly....I have over 30 requests at this moment....it will take a little bit of time.

Thanks again....keep the ideas and requests for info coming! I am happy to work like this as it's interesting for all, I believe, to create some special shoes.

Oh, and a stock answer for 4 questions....the trees are cedar.

Thanks Again!

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Picture from the factory of the colors on-hand in shell.....


Also have in now:

Mahagoni Scotch Grain


2 large pieces #6 used for verification of color.....can make 2-3 pair from this!
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Hello Ron. I wonder about Navy color. Does it have any color variation or it is pretty uniformal and does NOT show depth , just like black ?
The same question about Dark Brown.

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No, the Navy is nice.....here is a pair of Lucca's made some time ago....(stolen pic, no offense please) -


As for Brown....I think it is the same thing as someone here calls Cigar, but I am not positive....we always just called it Brown. Really won't know for sure until it arrives, but I think it is safe to look at a couple of UK manufacturers as well, to get the color....they use it when they can get it.
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A closer comparison shot......

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Cancel above......just received this file from Italy and will updating blog and directly with customers.....we now have some in Dark Brown available! Waiting to hear how much.....


Natural not pictured......
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I like the dark brown very much.
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dark brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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dark brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just confirmed from factory is a 'new' sample (I don't think so, but the factory is not long on experience with all the colors so they think is new) and one skin was delivered for my approval.....enough for one pair immediate order and I am checking the supply at the warehouse.
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Update on Shell Cordovan material supply....


Only 2 requests for info on the British Tan (future color) color, so I have given Horween the option of taking the skins available for this work and turning it to #6, as this was the most requested color so far.

Also, I have been advised that there are a couple of pieces of Forest Green Scotch Grain available (one order) if anyone is interested in that.

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