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Thrifting is an amazing concept. You find something that someone paid hundreds of dollars for and you get it for like two bucks. Less than the cost of a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Sometimes, you can even take that item you paid nothing for and sell it on eBay or StyleForum for far more than you paid. Stunning! It makes me feel like a chump. 




It’s playoff time in the NBA, and what’s your take? Will the Pacers stop collapsing in a horrific, yet laughable, fashion? Will the Heat finally be defeated, or will Lebron get his three-peat? Who knows! The suspense is killing (as well as idfnl’s posts).




Eyewear is a mystery to me, and apparently lots of people who post on StyleForum. Luckily CityConnecton is here to help: someone who works in the eyewear industry, has experience with expensive and rare frames (and therefore frames that StyleForum posters love), and is willing to share his knowledge with everyone who asks. It’s a great education.